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  1. I have boycotted Disney and it's subsidiaries for promoting LGBQ+ culture. We must respect our culture. Gays and homos is illegal in India and condoned by our culture. It is not human right, but a gross abuse of natural world order. This wicked act is also not norm among animals. Disney and Co. are pathetic perverts.
  2. And in turn getting poorer themselves. I am flabbergasted by people wasting money on the latest flagship phones and gaming accessories. Wouldn't it be better to save and invest the hard earned money on some more productive avenues? As Benjamin Franklin said, Every penny saved is a money earned.
  3. I have both Netflix and Prime membership. And I have to say the content quality particularly originals and documentaries is much better on Netflix. I may ditch Prime as it has only a few good offering to my liking.
  4. Lost in Space is a good sci fi trilogy. The story and the acting are A-one. You can watch it on Netflix.
  5. I watched A Time to Kill (1996) on Prime. The movie received generally positive reviews. It was also a commercial success mainly I believe because ppl flocked to watch another Sandra Bullock movie. I liked the portrayal of the rural south in the US when it was ripe with racism led by the klu klax clan. Hollywood certainly doesn't make movies like in the 90s anymore. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt0117913/
  6. I am playing Max Payne 3, Unchartered 2 on PS3 Slim and X files with PS 2 emulator on my laptop.
  7. Here are the list of other shows I have watched from season 1 till the end that I enjoyed a lot. Full House The Fresh Prince of Bell Air Sherlock Holmes (Benedict and Freeman) The Big Bang Theory Fuller House Lost in Space The Flash (Gustin Grant, Candice, Jesse, etc, Last season next year)
  8. I have finished watching the last episode of the last season of X files just now. Chris Carter is a genius who created the best Sci Fi TV show ever. His idea of horror and mythology arc was highly entertaining. I loved watching his spin off series including the short lived the Lone Gunmen and the Millineum shows. The two films and video games on PS and PS2 were well connected. I used to watch the shows growing up in the 90s, and completed watching the series in my late 30s today. It has literally become a part of my life that has entertained and put some drama in life.
  9. The T20 WC looks like a repeat of the 1992 WC. Eng vs Pak in Melbourne. But England will surely win this T20 world cup. They are a class apart from the rest. 170-0 --- a true beast.
  10. England are in a beast/breserk mode.... Unbelievable.
  11. 12 of the over! At this rate England could potentially make 240!
  12. Pandya and Pant... A treat to watch the sixes and fours. India looks set to mount a good total. If India wins this match, the T20 world cup 2022 fate is sealed. India will easily beat Pakistan.
  13. India looks at a strong position at the 15th over with Kohli and Pandya at the crease. The remaining five overs will be the deciding factor. Both should start firing now with 6s and 4s to post at least 170. Anything less, England batting can easily achieve.
  14. Kohli looking good as usual at the crease. Already a six and a four.
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