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  1. I love watching slow burn tv shows but thanks for the heads up.
  2. Looks intriguing. Adding to watchlist. Will watch this soon. Thanks
  3. Maxwell omg. Unreal innings!
  4. Question: Will the diwali sales be effective in reliance, croma etc from this week or on diwali exactly? Because I'm planning to visit the store. Don't want to waste time this week if the sale prices are not yet in effect.
  5. Oh ok then ya better not to get OLED. The Sony wala makes sense. Wait for next week as it'll sell even lesser during Diwali. Thought of recommending samsung qn90 qled. But the 65' variant is expensive af. Have heard good things about u7k but no clue about it. Maybe someone with hisense experience on ivg can guide u regarding that.
  6. Why compensate on vrr if u plan to game on it. Maybe getting an lg OLED 55 inch at 90k is possible? What's your budget like? Not sure about the Sony bar but the Samsung b55 seemed decent to me at the showroom. Heard it only briefly though as I'm looking out for an Atmos soundbar.
  7. Ya same here , took about 15-20 tries. can’t wait for the other agonising jump challenges lol. Nice!
  8. Oh wow ! That looks so good. Visually this game looks so beautiful. Looks awesome even when playing in docked mode. Anyway I've reached world 3 but trying to complete some unfinished levels on world 2. Just finished this one. Was so tiring and frustrating but finally did it
  9. Man, some of these psychedelic seeds are so frustrating lost all my lives in the process
  10. Damn , you reached that far? Nice! I'll play this over the weekend. Frustrating sounds fun can't wait
  11. Definitely. Noticed the same. Each psychedelic seed level is so unique. So well made. just reached the singing plants level. Lol that was awesome.
  12. Looking awesome! Will get it soon.
  13. As long as it's more than a 7/10 I'm good plus I don't really rely on reviews to play games ....unless it's given like a 4/10 or 5/10 kinda scores from the big reviewers. Still the first game was so good . I have to play this one....just not at launch
  14. I know right. What a game! The level of creativity is so damn good.
  15. Oops my bad . Mods can delete or merge this thread then.
  16. Better. I rarely rely on these reviews.
  17. Just got this game yesterday. Damn it’s so good
  18. There’s no separate topic for this so making a new one. Initial release date: 20 October 2023 Platform: Nintendo Switch Modes: Single-player video game, Multiplayer video game
  19. Midcaps taking a proper beating today. So much meltdown in many sub reddits lol.
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