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  1. It's more like visible difference I feel that there's better tone mapping with Dolby vision. So colors look so much better. I prefer watching Dolby vision content cos of that. Looks really good imo Ya and if u go in person, they may offer even lower at Devi....not sure but that's what happened in my case. Ya 3 years warranty. Iirc I think during Diwali it's 3+3 or 3+2 years
  2. Check with croma They'll give a better offer. Also Devi international in jayanagar.(if it's close by for you)
  3. Check with croma They'll give a better offer. Also Devi international in jayanagar.(if it's close by for you)
  4. The Samsung qn90a look really good. Haven't seen the qn90b in person but I'm sure it'll more or less be the same. The only major flaw in samsung TVs is no Dolby vision. Dolby vision content is so good especially the Marvel series and many Netflix series as well. Which is why i would opt either sony or LG. But it's upto your budget. Id wait till Diwali. But if you're in a hurry better to decide by having a look at all these TV's at your local showroooms
  5. If you place OLED in the right place where reflections are lesser in a bright room, then even oled's would work for you. I have an 48 C1 OLED and only play in a brightly lit room. Never watched it in the dark. Im content with it. You just need to calibrate the tv from the settings provided by RTIngs, avsforums,reddit etc. Just saw 3-4 YouTube videos and took me about 15 mins to calibrate it. Looks really good to me post calibration
  6. Na bro. About 70% of them i guess. Maybe whenever in free I'll replay a few levels and get the remaining ones Too bad there's no trophy system in Nintendo games. That would have pursued my lazy a*s to try harder
  7. Been listening to this masterpiece a lot these days
  8. Completed super Mario 3d world. Awesome game Now started bowsers fury.
  9. Ya i saw those. Want a new one as of now. No hurry as of such ...can wait. Will see during the sales. Ya primary PS5 is sufficient for 4k gaming. Xbox only for gamepass content
  10. Ya waiting for Amazon great indian festival. Will be cheap then. No hurry as of now.
  11. I already have one S bro. Been using game pass since 3 years or so. It's so damn worth it. Finished so many good sp games thanks to xgp. Just looking to upgrade my one S so I wanted series S plus it's small and portable
  12. Yeah. Don't need 120fps anyways. It's good but since I have PS5, i can play on 120fps on that. 1440p & 4k upscaling will do
  13. Ya will get pre owned itself. Pointless getting it at this price. No fridge please. PS5 is sufficient plus no major exclusives on xbox Only gamepass access with decent visuals i want
  14. Plat #15 R&C Rift apart. Easy as hell. Barely took 1-2 hours as i finished getting most stuff during the campaign itself
  15. Horizon forbidden west aloy hard drive For anyone who's a fan of the game and in need of a 2/5tb hdd additional 10% discount on SBI card
  16. Maybe by diwali there'll be availability of the 55"
  17. I bought my used v1 from gamenation Came with box , pouch etc etc Before buying i asked them on WhatsApp the condition of the item, if joycon drift is there etc
  18. Then better to get the lite during the upcoming Amazon sale or the one during October.
  19. Then ya try getting the lite during August sale on Amazon. Getting a new regular switch Within 15k is not possible .
  20. After upgrading my tv, Wanted to play games on my tv too. So i sold my lite and bought a used v1 switch on gamenation for 16k. Damn playing on tv is so awesome. If you want to dock and try games on full screen I'd suggest getting a regular switch Even though games don't run in 4k they look so nice on the TV. On olx you can get even get the regular switch for 12-13k
  21. Yikes!! Was planning to get metroid dread special edition from eBay US. Not anymore
  22. How much customs were u charged for these?
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