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  1. There is sasta Nasha and then there is whatever this guy is smoking.
  2. homophobes to be out in full force tomorrow.
  3. Both odst and reach are great games. The 343 trilogy is complete dogshit though esp their SP campaign.
  4. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Perfect dark is the latest title from MS that's in development hell. Atleast with CD at the helm, they'll ship a product sooner or later irrespective of the quality.
  5. Saw around an hour. There's so much missing context added in some scenes. Also that sequence with Sarah is sooo good. Also Idk why but Sarah looks like a CG character to me, must be her hair and skin.
  6. Would switch shami with someone like shardul or prasidh/umran. Better batting depth or ability to pick wickets in middle.
  7. There's nothing of value in either the prequels or sequels of FF7 be it games, movies or anything else. The only interesting thing is zack's backstory and I'm sure the new remake is going to expand on it somehow.
  8. Nice DP. Kuch logo ko bahut mirchi lagne wali hai.
  9. The post & threads still stay, it's just not visible to normal members. Dunno if it shows to mods and all but I can definitely see it. Have to go to admin CP and delete all posts as well as block the email domain.
  10. Ishan dropped after acoring a double ton in his last match. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ
  11. Alcohol or substance abuse. Who knows?
  12. Regarding P Shaw. Remember he was kicked out of the team on his first overseas tour and guy didn't seem to learn from that.
  13. New PS IP leaked. Studio unknown but made in collab with xdev. Unreal engine 5 Sci-fi RPG
  14. 3 was simultaneously shot with 2. So that's finished filming. Some part of 4 is also done.
  15. Great numbers. TLOU2 must also be selling well considering that they still haven't added it to any psplus tier yet.
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