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  1. Actually feeling bad for Kohli now. His loss (of form) is our &Indian cricket team's loss. We need such mavericks in the team to psychologically dent the opposition. Hope he regains form soon..
  2. Boom and shami bowled 24 out of the 27 overs today. Crazy.
  3. Do these Sony liv guys have no sponsor for ads? After every over it's that same dr. Arora show promo.
  4. 35 run over by broad
  5. Meanwhile Hooda scored another half from against an English County side yesterday. He should play all upcoming T20 games.
  6. KnackChap

    Cricket 22

    Switch version has bad framerate and fewer official updates compared to ps4. its still playable & enjoyable. No idea about C22 on switch but on home consoles it's a big improvement over 19.
  7. Have to give it to jadeja, innings after innings comes in when the top order has failed and gets us to a respectable total.
  8. Not enough data or proof to take names but he sure was a lowlife gutter ka keeda
  9. You missed his post but still went on to check his profile after he posted it? Strange.
  10. There was another guy with an alt. Post is now hidden.
  11. Nov 30th
  12. The replies to this tweet by halo fans.
  13. first game sold over 20 million as per last year and they dont generally count versions that are given for free (ps plus/now, special promo etc)
  14. strange. I got the option to download the goty edition maybe cause i already played the standard edition. And you cant just download the dlc’s
  15. depends if you played the digital or physical version on ps4. Im just one trophy away from spidey platinum so i installed it again but the game didn’t recognise my save files (downloaded it from cloud too) as i played using a disc. The trophy set however carries through. And you cant start the dlc directly.
  16. What a match. Good on hardik on having umran go through trial by fire & hand him the last over.
  17. Yeah I gave up after the first mission, the major problem with 3d titles back then was that they were never designed to be played using dual analog stick layout. Even some earlier ps2 titles had this issue, it's bungie who fixed the problem by havingovement and camera controls on different sticks. & They also just need to give more control mapping options in the emulator. If you can map diagnol controls of left stick to right, the game would be much more playable.
  18. Lol. Visual artists, programmers, testers, sound guys etc are all part of the dev team. Heck even producers or the receptionists at the studio's office get credited as part of the dev team in the credits.
  19. But with the ps5 specs they might finally have the raw power to brute force the cell and get a native emulator up & running.
  20. They already said they're adding psp games. At this point if Sony is really serious about the service then adding games from PS1,2 portable, Vita catalog is the least they can do.
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