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  1. Rathee is a grade A chu. Would rather watch krk’s videos over his. At least KRK is entertaining.
  2. yup shades of yalgaar and apne too but ranbir doesnt get a happy end to his arc. there are some very nice touches like almost till interval ranbir’s character refers to himself as balbir singhs son and even at the end credits (first one) when he finally makes peace, he’s still crying over someone else shoulder & not AK’s.
  3. Origin story of Sandeep vanga's next lead character.
  4. Naah.... The soundtrack and the BGM of this film is flawless.
  5. First main Indian/indian origin character to star in a mainstream AAA game
  6. Hellblade was supposed to be heavenly sword 2 and was pitched to Sony as so before getting cancelled/not approved. Even the title is a word play heavenly sword and in the original teaser the main character looked similar to Kai from HS.
  7. A Microsoft funded and published game is now coming to playstation. Looks like shareholders cannot wait till 2027 anymore.
  8. Same. Bobby was amazing in the film. Dont think animal park is coming anytime soon though. His next is with prabhas followed by another with ntr.
  9. Just back from animal. incredible first half and slightly slowish second half. Loved it overall but could’ve been edited a lot better & the screenplay could’ve been a lot tighter. Also some of the scenes are added to just trigger his critics. Didnt find anything misogynistic though. & rashmika is a pretty strong character herself don’t understand the problem some of these jokers have. Actually if she was shown as smoking and getting high in every scene and sleeping with anil kapoor or RK’s bodyguards these guys would have loved it. i know the original length of the film was around 4hrs and was trimmed down for release and during the end credit i saw someone listed as “young abrar haq” & i definitely didnt see him in the movie. Would have preferred they added that part and remove some filler in the 2nd half. Would like to see the backstory of those characters and the feud. highlight of the movie is the father son relationship. Everytime RK and AK are together on screen the movie is on another level and that ending sequence 😢. Anyone who has had a turbulent relationship with father will instantly get connected to the scenes. Hoping for the uncut version on streaming platform
  10. Dont recall the last time any ps ceo got such a send off. They even made him a custom made ps5 and put it a lot more effort than their limited edition ones. check that usb cable & psone inspired controller
  11. Hopefully Sandeep vanga doesn't end up being a soft porn maker like RGV.
  12. This looks like a low budget direct to OTT film made during the pandemic.
  13. Trailer having tiktok reel vibes. Rockstar know what they’re doing.
  14. Tilak, rinku, jitesh all should be drafted in as they’re proper middle/lower middle order batters and not makeshift one’s like our raja babu kl rahul & ishan. Regardless of his recent form klr gives me 0 confidence every time he comes out to bat. He looks like our batters from 90’s who shat the bed everytime they played pak in sharjah. Shakal pe hi darr dikhta hai uska.
  15. Rinku has such raw power and amazing temperament. Reminds of MSD when he first played for india
  16. she's trolling everyone with that hashtag 🤣😂
  17. Looks like the perfect antidote for the woke sh*t that comes out nowadays.
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