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  1. Have they confirmed its a GAAS game? Havent seen anything about that
  2. To be honest all they need to do is make it like the previous batman games and i'll enjoy it .
  3. Would like to say I bought the Sony XM4 headphones couple of months ago. I really love it. One of the best purchases I've made easily and totally worth the money. Noise cancellation is great. Put on some white noise and it blocks out everything. The box it comes in is really neat too.
  4. Has to be some parody or baiting dude, right? right?
  5. where did you go in hyd? any recommendations?
  6. Some more details in bullet points from Nibel regarding GTA 6: working title Project Americas main location is a fictional version of Miami + its surrounding areas game will evolve over time, adding new cities the game world is already large; more interior locations than prev. GTA games influenced by Bonnie and Clyde - will have male and female protag https://twitter.com/Nibellion/status/1552281321128476672
  7. dylanjosh


    He thinking "Why does this guy need a digital cat when he's got the real thing"
  8. Yeah. I use it that way. It worked fine for Assassins Creed games but for some reason it didnt work for GoTG.
  9. Hello there! Saw Obi-Wan Kenobi. Found it just ok. The latter episodes have some cool scenes with Anakin/Vader and Kenobi, but the earlier episodes are pretty meh. There are some really dumb moments too like mercenaries unable to run fast enough to catch a little girl, Kenobi disabling a laser-gate checkpoint when they show you can walk around it, characters power levels suddenly getting nerfed/buffed for the scene requirements etc.
  10. +1 I was hoping for this from the directors cut, but they didn't go that way.
  11. Borderlands 3 maybe? Hope you got it when it was free on EGS
  12. I played both FC5 and FC6 when both games had their free weekends. I can tell you can 6 felt way better than 5. 5 was pretty garbage in terms of atmosphere and satisfaction. I hated the American Countryside theme and capturing bases felt like the most limp dick sh*t ever. FC6 is much better in that respect. Only thing is I didn't get much time to experiment with that grenade backpack mechanic they have. I'll probably get FC6 when it gets cheaper + my backlog is done. For reference, the only FC game I played before this was FC3 and I loved that to death.
  13. Copying from The Monitor thread In the market for a 1440p 144hz monitor for PC gaming. Is the Samsung G7 (27in) worth it? I used to have another curved monitor. I like the curve and house people also like it lol. If not can people list other options plz
  14. In the market for a 1440p 144hz monitor for PC gaming. Is the Samsung G7 (27in) worth it? If not can people list other options plz
  15. Saw both episodes of Ms Marvel. Liked it a lot. Editing and music is fantastic. Very Edgar Wright inspired. The Desi touch is very very well done. Feels super authentic. Enjoying this show a lot more than i thought I would.
  16. Why are you posting clips of uncharted
  17. dylanjosh

    The Quarry

    Is this like one of those heavy rain type games??
  18. was hoping they would club miles with this
  19. It's a little too static-y for me
  20. Since last posting here I've watched: 86 Eight Six: Season 1 - Its an anime set in the future where racism seems to have taken over and they've designated non-white-hair people as non-humans and make them fight their wars in manually controlled drones. The anime is about a girl from the 'elite' side trying to fight the system however she can and the relationship she develops with her team of 'non-humans'. The cast is fantastic and all the characters and their relationships are beautifully written. One of the best things about the show is the crazy elite-TV level shot composition. The combat is just OK though. I've heard Season 2 is even better so excited for that. Milize and Shin are very likeable protagonists. Milize EZ Best Girl. Dr Stone Season 2 Stone Wars - Pretty much continues Season 1. Though I enjoyed last season way more. Felt like there was incongruity between the subject matter and how kiddish the show is in general. I wish the show was more serious tbh and had more twists. "Senku sciences something and wins easily" is a theme that I was starting to get tired of. Lets see him lose and grow. There's not much character growth from his end. He's the same as Episode 1. Horimiya - Decided to dip into some romance since this was in Gigguks best anime of 2021 list. I'm not yet done but I'm really liking it so far. The cast of characters is great. The romantic moments make your heart jump and the heartbreaking moments make you feel incredibly bad for those involved. Will probably finish it by tonight. Will slowly make my way through Gigguks list since he hasn't failed me so far.
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