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  1. Clearly games like these are blurring the lines between remake and remaster. I think whats going on is from a developers point of view its a remake - considering the effort involved from the engine and art side. But for consumers it just looks like a very high quality remaster. (Of course there's also the marketing push where they want to call it remake so it sells more + can price it higher) The Dead Space remake is another one that might fall in this category
  2. Awesome; excited for this on PC.
  3. Saw 2 eps of the The Boys S3. Crazy sh*t. I love how they straight up explore whatever weird stuff is only implied by the DC/Marvel universes. Also so great to have Karl Urban's scenary chewing and Anthony Starr's psychopathic emotions on display again. Yeah I felt the same. Couldn't watch more than a couple of episodes.
  4. Amazing news this. Pretty much made up my mind not to buy a ps5 now. Spider man was the game i always wanted to play but couldn't. Just hope they price it well
  5. What GPU do you have rn ?
  6. something about combat feels weird. not satisfying.
  7. Hope the level design is better this time
  8. dylanjosh


    Hope its reasonably prices but not getting my hopes high. God of War was priced absurdly high.
  9. Those other cashiers were so sweet to him lol. "maaf karo babu" types
  10. Man there's nobody in the current generation of actors that can do physical comedy quite like Rowan Atkinson or even Jim Carrey.
  11. Better Call Saul holy sh*t that ending
  12. This is the last one. After this they will reboot with new actor
  13. Just make sure you're getting GOTY edition or whatever the equivalent. The 2 expansions are terrific.
  14. Damn cant wait so long. There are already some offers on like 2k off, 5% cashback etc.
  15. So I've been thinking about buying a noise cancelling headset. I'm leaning towards Sony WH-1000XM4 right now. I wanted to ask if anyone knows if its going to go down i price given that the XM5 just released? I'm kind of torn because its an urgent need but I don't want to have guilt later if it reduces in price lol. It's pretty expensive at Rs 25k
  16. I thought we already had an Headphones / Audio thread but apparently not. Anyway we can use this thread for all things Headphones related. Right now its really spread out across different threads. We can use this for headsets, headphones, earphones etc
  17. Im about to buy this for noise cancelling headphones to use in office https://www.amazon.in/dp/B0872FKQZZ/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_i_Q339A5GZQG3471Q4KC4B?psc=1 anyone have any other recommendations?
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