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  1. Well their games also need to be able to run on PCs, and most of them don't have more than 6-8 GB Vram. So even without Lockhart you'll have games hamstrung by minimum spec PCs.
  2. Looking at Senua 2, I don't think it'll hold anything back. It might be same gen architecture, just way less powerful so you get 1080p/30 with some basic RTX and AA.
  3. That was debunked, it was for their weird TOIO handheld toy.
  4. 500 million consoles says they usually know what they're doing. They certainly wont name it Playstation 4 Pro Ultra something.
  5. In the EZA stream, they all pretty much assumed it was a fancy One X redesign until the date was shown.
  6. Tbh I've never seen a new generation console get shadow dropped in a random even and get immediately buried by other stuff happening at that event. I heard Saturn had a low key launch though.
  7. From the name it looks like One X revision but no, its Anaconda spec.
  8. Holy sh*t did we not learn anything from WiiU?
  9. Jill meeting up with Kendo, its either prologue DLC to RE2 or Kendo is in RE3.
  10. Well you can listen to their band New Order, most of it is synth pop. Joy Division is another one. Sample playlist https://open.spotify.com/album/3rPC5Y8e9S6dGGkWvRYPRD
  11. Man I feel sorry for people who hated Mr X parts in RE2 remake. Imagine if Mr X could run faster than you, had a rocket launcher and tentacles for ranged attack, and was basically omnipresent threat from start to end. The entire game is basically Jill vs Nemesis with some zombies and hunters thrown in. Your dodging game better be on point.
  12. Blue Monday <3. Its the kind of song you use while running when you're about to run out of your glucose reserves and hit the wall.
  13. The PS4 version is exclusive to PS4.
  14. Tube top costume is back (as preorder bonus) Did not like the Laura Craft Jill at all.
  15. Yo WTF RE3R in less than 4 months?
  16. Hopefully they'll launch PSNow worldwide including India.
  17. At this point even fake posters at 4chan are trolling with this. You know how to tell if any leaked list is fake? See if it has Metroid trilogy listed for Switch.
  18. Oh just fk off with the Metroid trilogy rumor.
  19. Maybe Xbox left the country but MS software and services have massive presence in India. Maybe they use those to provide support and warranty for imported items, and keep the digital store running.
  20. This is only to get the reference on what prices you should be looking for. I've only bought one item so can't really vouch for them.
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