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  1. This is why Italy got into the current shitstorm.
  2. US numbers are not even for full day. NY alone is expected to have more deaths tomorrow than Italy ever did in a single day. It's incredible that they still don't have nationwide lockdown, and even in locked down states the big malls like Walmart and Target are still open.
  3. CarbonCore

    Doom Eternal

    The joys of playing on keyboard/mouse and having every weapon tied to a hotkey. I'm playing with controller with max sensitivity and back buttons and it can be as hectic as that (I'll post couple of videos later), but bringing up weapon wheel every single time always breaks the flow. It is never going to be as smooth and fast as keyboard fully mapped to every single weapon.
  4. CarbonCore

    Doom Eternal

    It's pretty good as far as gameplay goes. It's no Doom but I'd put it above most shooters. It's just held back by trash tier level design, open world busywork and bad pacing.
  5. Verge reviewer got through in one hour of speedrun. Subsequent playthroughs of RE games being super fast is just normal. Some people finished that demo in 2 mins.
  6. Its not just upscaled. Its new engine with new lighting model, most old textures are replaced by higher res textures. All main characters have new models, Price looks goofy af in the prison rescue mission like in the new MW game. There's also some new added dialog, like at the end of No Russian mission. This is no different than MW1 remaster which was also something like 70+ GB.
  7. Compared to people in Italy and US, our people have 1000 IQ if we go by the public response to this pandemic. Its just that the religions add -900 IQ like always.
  8. Hardcore is supposedly as hard as RE2's normal. There's two more difficulty levels above that. On normal its basically a third person shooter.
  9. A lot of last-gen games were hamstrung by DVD drive in X360 and lack of HDD for install. 7GB was the absolute upper cap because of this. Also the MP will not increase it by much since most reuse levels from campaign. Maybe 60GB with spec-ops.
  10. CarbonCore

    Persona 5

    Played right up to the first boss in single sitting. The game just oozes style.
  11. For some reason I had forgotten about MW2 campaign, but after watching this launch trailer I remember how crazy good it was. Five hours of nonstop insanity. This was peak Infinity Ward before everything went to sh*t.
  12. Yet to see her iconic tube top costume. There is a mod but I'd rather see official Capcom version.
  13. CarbonCore

    Doom Eternal

    Looks like Gears if Gears wasn't stuck in a decade old gameplay.
  14. Its already out. No MP, no Spec-Ops, just campaign for $20. Also one month exclusive to PS4. The bots are beyond tilted on twitter
  15. CarbonCore

    Persona 5

    The game looks really sharp on Pro. 4K does its magic with that art style, not a single jaggy in sight. It doesn't feel like PS3 game on PS4 anymore.
  16. The deaths due to COVID-19 in US now surpassed 9/11 deaths. And its nowhere near its peak yet.
  17. The margins they have on veggies and fruits is insane. If Sony sold PS4 at that margin it would cost over 1L.
  18. Making Nemesis ultra powerful was a mistake. This is why he only shows up during scripted events that ends up in scripted chase from cinematic angles like from those PS3 Uncharted games.
  19. On top of being short with little replay value, there's a bunch of cut content including couple of boss fights and enemies from original game, no ribbons on higher difficulty, the demo pretty much covers most of the outside city area, Nemesis is not a persistent threat like Mr. X after the intro level, he just appears as scripted chase sequences followed by boss fights, massive downgrade to blood and gore, alternate endings are mostly superficial (unlike original game). Also Resistance sucks. And 1X version apparently still runs like crap like the demo. This is why you don't outsource your marquee titles to outside studios.
  20. I saw the whole playthrough on Youtube before Capcom took it down. The reviews are spot on, this will end up around/below 80.
  21. Its no Snatch but at least its not bad. Feels like forever since we've had a decent Guy Ritchie movie. I'd watch it just for Hugh Grant, dude is just incredible.
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