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  1. hope

    God of War: Ragnarök

    Time Draws near and people went Nuts
  2. Ofcourse they will. They have nothing new to show anyways. It isnt strategy, it is necessary. Looks like you are also part of Bantu Gang.
  3. You, Zodak and Trigger are the Bantu Gang.
  4. Use PS now for that. There is a specific service for it, you should know that. Sony was clear from start about this. Bantu is a person who is ill informed. So you are Bantu ok.
  5. Are Bantu. Why would there be BC for ps2 n ps3 Sony Clear the BC thing ffs. Too confusing.
  6. hope

    God of War: Ragnarök

    Whos directing this? Dont think its Cory Barlog. Some Williamson i think.
  7. 2 products i am looking to buy One is increased by 1k One is same Howdafaq is this sale
  8. They can actually. When things start going south, they will release gow2 full reveal and all will be forgotten One God of War footage to rule them all.
  9. So Guerilla started in 2017 n SSM in 2018 for the sequels. Which means, the only studio who can start from scratch on PS5 is Naughty Dog. Prepare to be shocked like never before.
  10. I played this for 1 or 2 hours on ps3. Nope. Couldnt even clear first area and sold the game Looked excellent though. Closest to ND level quality.
  11. Oh sale tonight. No i need to buy soon. Thanks. Will check at midnight
  12. They really need to consider that 15 million production thing. I would be surprised if this sells 2-3 million by March.
  13. Is this a good model and a good deal? Any chance to get it much cheaper? APC Back-UPS BX1100C-IN UPS https://dl.flipkart.com/dl/apc-back-ups-bx1100c-in-ups/p/itmehze7fgmta8xt?pid=UPSEHZE7UMK3GFZC&cmpid=product.share.pp
  14. Ps plus becomes good value next gen with games being 1k higher. I will be mighty pissed if tlou2 n tsushima arent playable directly on PS5.
  15. hope

    God of War: Ragnarök

    2021 beeches We must Prepare Ourselves
  16. I got launch ps4 day 1. Its been over 6.5 years now. No isues
  17. How on earth can they f**k up like that Why didnt they announce it as launch title in presentation itself
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