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  1. Me: Standard Edition but in April From: Bengaluru
  2. This give sort of an idea: https://www.goodreads.com/series/49075-the-stormlight-archive
  3. Hey guys, need some help here.. getting into reading space after a long long time and want to start with stormlight archive. I see couple of books in this series hence want to know the best chronology to start with? Any suggestion would be helpful Thanks
  4. Nope never noticed anything like that. Blooming is there but very limited compared to NU7100,,
  5. I had Samsung NU7100 earlier. Changed it to X900h primarily to for all that Ready for PS5 with 120hz hype. But coming from NU7100 I am pleasently surprised because of the OS and availability of Apps and also because of ease of use. Dolby Vision with eARC is obviously added advantage. For the tv is quite bright enough and OTT screens like Netflix is really awesome with Dolby Vision and Atmos. Plus I also updated to JBL 9.1 so gets a great home theater experience. Wanted to go for CX but realized the burn in issue hence stayed away.
  6. X90h hdmi 2.1 firmware is out.. they have added support for apple tv in this..?
  7. Those playing this game, do try side story where you manage the Ichiban Confections business, its really fun and gives loads of money as reward which you would eventually need. It is really fun to run that business..
  8. Wow..epic thread.. when did this got created..almost a decade but still feels like yesterday..
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