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  1. he should probably try to get some dead pixels soon and apply for replacement like bunch of us did here
  2. Thanks for the bump.. Reminds me to complete the DLC
  3. https://twitter.com/tomwarren/status/1661502680781422596?s=20
  4. CGI Shite Show so many not gameplay trailers Alan Wake 2 Snake Eater 3 That's all till now
  5. You should know this lol call up the customer care and check. I think its 3 years standard bought during festive sales.
  6. C1 Boys - Can you run this test on your TVs.. ideally used more than a year and feedback.. Want to know if this is a CX issue only..
  7. Its visible.. did you try checking via office laptop then no
  8. You will get good ones but won’t hurt to upgrade as you will find most of items
  9. Looks GooooD Is the PS5 version fixed
  10. https://gameranx.com/updates/id/465795/article/uk-pm-rishi-sunak-will-strategically-steer-the-cma-to-not-get-in-the-way/ Sunak preparing for CMA
  11. Bought in March 2022 in US, My friend was finally able to get it it
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