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  1. Most of the Sony first party titles have easy platinum, Insomniac ones especially has been really easy..
  2. Please post in the Game thread.. https://www.indianvideogamer.com/forums/index.php?/topic/58338-a-plague-tale-requiem/&tab=comments#comment-2497952
  3. Yeah, I am already skeptical of the 2 chapters for the prequel...
  4. Yeah probably OPO once there is a good offer..
  5. Thanks, but didn't like it 😕 after multiple store visits..
  6. Got an iPhone 15 Pro Max from recent Singapore trip.. Honestly I am not feeling it.. I am so used to my good old Note 9, appreciating it even more without using the case.. iPhone also failed WhatsApp transfer for 5 times using Move to iOS unless I deleted all junk and made the back up file small.. willing to let go at cost price 125K, Bangalore folks can DM me.. White 256 Model.. Checked 23 Ultra in the store and screen really doesn't feel premium and has matt type finish, hate the non-curve edges, rectangle type shape too.. only thing stood out for me was One Plus Open, it can do both use case of phone and tablet.. will be a good pick up in an offer price.. 135K seems steep for that..
  7. Chod de Bhai.. hoping for another WC in foreign soil when they couldn't pull off at home
  8. BGC is still active in a different Skin Most of them are not active on the Forum but very active on the WhatsApp group.. we do 3-4 meet ups in a year..
  9. Joe is living inside @Heaven Angel
  10. https://www.xbox.com/en-in/games/store/red-dead-redemption-red-dead-redemption-2-bundle/9P86HR73LQJZ RDR1, DLC, RDR2 = 975 INR
  11. Its official January 19 and Good news for PS4 gamers, except you have the disc edition and now a Digital PS5
  12. Got it for cheap $130 from Amazon US and someone got it for me Ready for 2024 Gamepass
  13. He is.. umm not banned.. the alt account which came up yesterday isn't his .
  14. Lol no it's a placeholder Wait for the Dec trailer for the official name, 99% gonna be GTA VI
  15. 1. Anticipated release of GTA 6 by Q1 2025 2. Forecast of nearly $8 billion in net bookings by fiscal 2025, aligning with GTA 6 launch expectations 3. Kudos from CEO Strauss Zelnick to Rockstar on their 25th year; shared anticipation for GTA 6's December teaser 4. Milestone sales: GTA 5 exceeds 190 million copies , with the overall GTA series topping 410 million - a 5 million increase from the last quarter 5. RDR2's sales hit 57 million , with the RDR franchise surpassing 81 million - a rise of 2 million since August; hints at modest performance for the RDR port 6. Record-breaking performance from GTA Online, RDO, GTA 5, RDR2, and GTA Plus, with ongoing DLC and event updates planned 7. Take-Two celebrates the incorporation of FiveM and RedM developers into Rockstar, aiming to enhance these platforms 8. Assurance that the SAG-AFTRA Strike will not impede GTA 6's progress
  16. A firm 2025 release on cards 👇
  17. Thread Locked, Continue in VS Thread, A Day to Remember, GOTY ko GOTAY hogaya
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