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  1. You mean to say release the jokers for weekend entertainment ? No, too much work for MoDs
  2. Reverse Psychology, Thread will be opened on weekend Keep it civil..
  3. https://www.windowscentral.com/gaming/former-bungie-director-joins-343-industries-to-work-on-halo-infinite
  4. @TRMNTR @triggr happy ss @radicaldude
  5. Freya will be like RE Nemesis ?
  6. That's for special edition, not collectors. GoW hasn't announced Special
  7. He will die and become a Mummy, then he will resurrect in Egyptian mythology
  8. Horizon collectors was available later so same might be the case. Only for LOU2 collectors I remember there was a pre order.
  9. Did they have one for Horizon?
  10. Haven't you played GoW 3 Also let's keep any speculations out of this thread.. beech mein leaks also might fell through the cracks.. Its a PS4 game as well
  11. Yep so much better than cancer 30 FPS.. but once you play performance you want to stick to that..
  12. Cory can finally chill
  13. Nah, its the code they are giving you will work on both PS5 and PS4 so to solve that problem.. Digital owners can f**k off with collectibles when they decided to go all digital
  14. That will eventually stop with cross gen..
  15. VRR tested..Performance is still way to go !! 70-80 FPS on Outdoors
  16. Lol waking up after an year.. @STICK3Rboy How does the save work before quitting? I thought checkpoint are saves and quit it after playing like 15 mins but the game starts all over again...
  17. 1.42 for a 55?? That's steep but a good launch price overall..
  18. Its available Bruh.. As stupid as it sounds its actually not there when you click on CLASSIC CATALOGUE but either do a search or go to GAMES the 4th tab when you go to PS Deluxe.. You can find it.. see below: How is this game btw to play now..
  19. For those who are lurking, Thread won't be opened this week
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