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  1. But even in the first game there had been instances where she was in a spore infested area without mask. In fact that's how Joel got convinced that she was immune. He tells this to Tommy as well in a scene. The game looks hot though
  2. Ellie is shown wearing a mask. Did she not tell people about her being infected?
  3. Toucharcade, Pocketgamer
  4. R3D_D3ViL


    No. Only the 1st is. The 2nd one will release simultaneously on all platforms.
  5. If by the generator level you mean the one in the hotel in Pittsburgh, just went through this level few hours back while replaying the game. I remember the Bloater and Hunter giving nightmares while you frantically look for the keycard to get out. This time i got the keycard early before starting the generator, so the tension was lost here. The first playthrough of TLOU is indeed special.
  6. Holy sh*t!!! 😳😳😳😳 That’s something super intense to look forward to.
  7. Also, cure and magnify in a linked materia slot is your bff. Just sayin.
  8. If boss battles at this stage is bothering you, then brace yourself for the last two chapters because you have to wade through a gauntlet of bosses. But it is worth it because the last few fights reach the proportion DBZ and Asura’s Wrath levels of carnage. Cloud and Sephiroth are some bada** motherf*****s.
  9. Yaa, it seems so. Missed out on the year.
  10. Nothing much that i liked in the sale.Maybe buy Anno 1800. Would have bought something out of compulsion had there been an option to stack up purchases and redeem the coupon. Let's see. The sale is going to be there for a long time. Though it seems that they have messed it up with developers as usual: https://www.gameinformer.com/2019/05/18/epic-games-store-mega-sale-causes-developers-to-raise-prices-temporarily-delist-games
  11. Very cheeky pricing i must say. Moreover the rolling over of coupon is an interesting hook where they compel you to keep purchasing. Maybe I will hold on to the coupon for Cyberpunk 2077.
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