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  1. I dunno. I liked Rotr. The Baba Yaga section was really good. Sotr on the other hand I did not enjoy as much, though not a bad action game. But yeah, obviously for fans of the old games, the new ones are nothing about Tomb raiding.
  2. Even if they do aquire the studios, they dont get the DC license. That goes back to DC. Only MK will remain with them.
  3. Too bad its being priced 5299 here. Dont expect grey market copies to be cheap either. Game looks amazing though.
  4. Hardly anyone uses a desktop for all those activities at home. Those activities can very well be done on a laptop, with the advantage of portability. Also most of the coding work you wil anyway be doing on your work PC, and consoles are equally good as media hubs.
  5. Made the 10 usd coupon pointless now. Also master stroke from GG. Hooked people in and then as soon as the interest goes up, double the price.
  6. Yeah no harm in giving it a try if already subscribed to netflix.
  7. Yes watching it now. Its okay, not too great but season 2 has potential.
  8. Holy cow! Step up highwater picked up by Starz!
  9. Going by the videos so far, this is either going to be amazing or absolutely rinse and repeat garbage. Fingers crossed its good. Maybe add some supernatural elements and I'm sold.
  10. Yeah true. I tried brown and country egg. Maybe they have additional benefits but white is best for me. I prefer licious because they have free range eggs and the eggs are really fresh.
  11. There are actually 3 varieties- White Brown Country I normally buy from Licious and they have all 3. Though I just go for white now.
  12. But But But ...series x is 12 TF vs the 10.8 tf (actually 9tf) of PS5 (weakass console, lolz) There will be a 40% performance increase on series X. So much powah, just STFU Worldz most powahful console rox. #native 4k #120fps . thuglife
  13. Not just this grade A greedy moron, even bigger companies like L&T have started operations at 100% workforce. I know its not possible to remain completely shut down so long, but the humane thing to do is to have 30-40% workforce. Bajaj visited our campus for placements. Glad I decided to join an IT company and not a manufacturing one. They do offer more money but seem to have 0 compassion for the well being of employees.
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