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  1. Finished it. I never thought I'd enjoy an isometric view game so much. Once again Nintendo proves me wrong. Such a simple game yet so Amazing!
  2. The original Xbox was openly available in grey market, along with the pirated games. But I remember while the ps2 games cost around 50rs, the xbox games were arounfd 100rs each Price wise too the xbox was around 2-3k more expensive than ps2.
  3. By Og xbox do you guys mean Xbox 360? Cause IIRC the original Xbox was a flop.
  4. I think its because of the shape people are seeing it as bulky, otherwise 12'' × 6'' × 6'' is basically not that big at all. Its bigger than older consoles but i guess it needs better cooling.
  5. They mentioned in engine, but yeah the specs are good. Though even a rtx 2080ti struggles to maintain constant 4k 60fps, so I have my doubts.
  6. Have you tried using a usb cable to connect it?
  7. On the contrary, its always recommended to use consoles in an open, well ventilated area and not in cabinets.
  8. Design wise xbox one x is more appealing than ps4 pro/slim. Xbox controllers are also better designed. For the specs part , it remains to be seen. But yeah, games wise MS cannot touch Sony as of now. Maybe in future.
  9. Dope looking console. Hopefully well priced and some good first party variety.
  10. I buy ps wallet codes from Al pacino at 50/dollar But yeah, kh3 isnt discounted anymore on us store. Earlier it was 75% off. whole deal would have been cheaper back then.
  11. 2500 on Indian ps store. Us store will cost me 1500, wondering if i should rebuy the us digital game again I have the indian physical version though.
  12. Hmm so the bright idea is to charge people 40 bucks for the dlc. Hope the dlc is atleast 10 hours long for that money.
  13. Im confused now, is the main story update a part of 40 bucks package or do I get that in 30 bucks package too? As i can see it only listed after free dlc 1.07 under 40 bucks package.
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