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  1. 1. You will not get a decent bench for 5k. Me and many of my friends have tried various sources, with the same issue. 2. Weights are priced basis kg. 90rs/kg is on the lower side. You are talking about 20kg weights, a pair of those will cost you atleast 3600-3700. Branded benches have good build quality but as I said earlier, they cost atleast 10-15k. The ones on amazon have poor build quility and wobble while using.
  2. 10k will not be enough. I bought one of those incline/decline/flat benches (5k ish from a sports store) and they are sh*t. The width of the seat is usially not wide enough on these cheaper to properly support your back and there are constant wobbling issues. A good heavy duty bench will land you atleast 10-15k. The weights again cost around 90rs/kg, so go with that calculation
  3. I actually liked the first 2 games. Third one was sh*t though.
  4. Ff7 remake perfectly captures the charm of the OG ff7. Its too bad they cockblocked the xbox audience but if you have access to ps4/pc, do try it.
  5. Its only a side effect of MS's strategy that gamers are benefiting, not their intention. Their intention is clearly to hurt sales on playstation. For the time being I'm enjoying gamepass too cause cheap games, but Sony is doing exactly what MS has been doing since xbox 360 gen and even now-: protecting their business. You can't blame either side but MS need to shut the f**k up instead of playing the victim.
  6. How is that any different from MS paying devs to push games day 1 on gamepass, just to hurt sales on PS?
  7. Could be the video quality, the original videos had no pop ins. Or maybe they did a downgrade, who knows
  8. The way she is moving and there is no texture poppin at all is next gen itself. Most of the supposedly optimized games ive played so far, whether on ps5 or on series x, still suffer from noticeable texture poppins. The exception being ratchet and clank rift apart, so far.
  9. I'm not sure what you mean by intense, it's basically similar in pacing to Arnold's Predator. The movie is absolutely amazing.
  10. Other than the dialogues, which are anyway a bit cringey in japanese games, the combat looks solid.
  11. Owner of Ppgc is an a**hole. Atleast thats what ive heard. Have no personal experience
  12. Prey is probably one of the best movies I've watched this year (yet to watch top gun 2, waiting for it to stream officially in 4k hdr)
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