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  1. The complexity of each machine is surreal even looking at each part in 2d. So this was bound to happen and they better keep on producing this for each of the machine. I guess they will see the response and green light other machines. This collab seems like a "Natural" one and not just a one off thing for sure.(like collectors edition etc)
  2. They Fixed the fine print interwebs https://store.playstation.com/en-in/concept/10000886 --- Expecting drop in rating due to story , either trying too much or , playing safe. 85+
  3. CrossfireX multiplayer: Free-to-play for everyone; optional add-ons include free and premium battle passes CrossfireX Operation Catalyst campaign: Included with Game Pass subscription, or sold separately ($10) CrossfireX Operation Spectre campaign: Exclusive to CrossfireX Ultimate Package ($30)
  4. Hearing campaign is not on gamepass. Just intro to campaign is part of gamepass. Can you confirm? Thoughts?
  5. https://blog.playstation.com/2022/02/10/accessibility-features-in-horizon-forbidden-west/ Seems to support Gyro Aiming
  6. if you think about it from performance POV then yes but from optimization wise, it would be very good. And given that it would be mass produced , cost also will be in console territory such that equivalent PC components would cost more. As added bonus, unlike consoles, this runs linux.
  7. @Snake "PS4 version is upgradable FOR FREE to PS5. DONOT BUY PS5 VERISION ON PS5 but rather BUY PS4 version and upgrade it later. SONY IS GREEDY AND NO ONE IS SUPPORTING THIS BUT IT IS WHAT IT IS"
  8. Agreed on this point, but i think its more of a "table top" machine rather than handheld. (ofcourse not advertised as such). The weight on paper might not translate to on hand and it would depend on distribution and ergonomics. But they should have ALSO released a steam deck console version. Same internals with bumped up memory / specs, minus the screen, joystick etc that can do 1440p gaming. You then have a console competitor which would actually be decent buy.
  9. Can they buy activision? Also if you keep bringing "revenue" comparison. This will go nowhere. I believe they use current market cap of a company and cash in hand to determine buying power and if they are buying out competition. I am not that much of an analyst but comparing market caps seems common sense for such acquisitions. Why do you say that? Are the previews not that favourable? I only see positive reviews and it is a perfect one for docking and playing on a monitor as well .. like a mini PC.
  10. Nope. SONY =/= MICROSOFT. Can Sony Buy out Microsoft? No Can Microsoft Buy out Sony? Yes Now with Above "Yes" , if microsoft continues to buy other studios and continues to grow big, eyes will be on Microsoft only.
  11. gsmarena page confuses me. For S22 it says - "SIMSingle SIM (Nano-SIM) or Dual SIM (2 Nano-SIMs + eSIM, dual stand-by)" So Does this mean, the Single SIM model wouldn't have the e-sim option at all?
  12. haha.. jokes on you guys. it would just be in a cut scene ..
  13. This practice of asking of last CTC, payslips of prev company should change in India (will never happen in reality though). Ofcourse they can demand it to cross check if we really have correct employment history but they use this to low bal offers. Sooner or later ,the person who joins the company will find out that he is making less and will jump ship.
  14. Breaking: Microsoft purchases SONY's pending acquisition budget of 10B$ for 15B$
  15. This needs to be narrated by someone like Denzel or Obama . or at the least hoping someone will pay and get a cameo done from a celebrity to get the attention this post deserves
  16. Ah , some memories with that game. Not really a trophy hunter but I always read trophy guide before starting a game and finalize on difficulty to avoid multiple playthroughs for just difficulty trophy. And I played this game on Uber difficulty and got my a** handed many many times. Eventually was able to finish it but never bothered to do trophy clean up and get the platinum
  17. You don't start at 1. every new season, ranks reset and all start at the "new" level 1 for that season and work your way up. So, you can start playing this now to get an idea and when WQ launches, your rank will be brought up to sync with the base level for WQ
  18. They f'ed up by sunsetting the main campaign. And i believe for new players it still launches the first seasonal mission by default even before you get to play the intro missions. So the narrative doesn't leave a good experience. I was so fortunate to give D2 a shot long before campaign was sunset and had a blast (Even then it was confusing for new lights like me). Would recommend to start playing and then see some old campaign videos or some quick recap videos to come up to speed. Its best experienced with co-op. So if you are new and you play along with anyone experienced, pretty sure you will end up loving it
  19. Our guardian is the "Unknown Variable" in their time logic.
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