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This free fest is now driving me crazy and paranoid..i am checking every 1hour to see if the games are there or not.. :samui:


This is what really happened for the ban:



dark back up ur keys most the games dont need origin to run and most of us used us account ea india cant do a jack

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1. Go to: https://www.zucaritaspromo.com/


2. Select Colombia or Ecuador as your country


3. Enter 4 random letters in the top box and your email in the bottom box and hit "Generar Codigo"


4. If it worked correctly, you should receive this message "Hemos enviado un código de descarga a la dirección de correo que nos proporcionaste, recuerda revisar tu bandeja de correo no deseado." and receive the code instantly in your email (check your junk email). Redeem said code on Origin.


5. If you didn't receive that message, then try again with a different 4 letter combination. It took like 6-7 tries for me.

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One good deal available though at origin India right now.


All Mass Effect games for 1499 : http://store.origin.com/store/easa/en_IN/pd/productID.257846700


Physical copies would cost some 360 bucks more.


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Some of the deals from the Black Friday Sale are listed below:

Battlefield 3 = $12.00

Command & Conquer: The Ultimate Edition = $24.99

Medal of Honor: Warfighter = $29.99

Need for Speed: Most Wanted = $24.99

The Sims 3 Seasons = $19.99

The Sims 3 Supernatural = $19.99

FIFA Manager 13 = $19.99

FIFA Soccer 13 = $19.99

Battlefield 2: Complete Collection = $6.00

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record = $14.99

The Walking Dead = $12.49

Need for Speed: The Run = $6.00

Dragon Age II = $6.00

Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition = $9.00

The Sims 3 = $9.00 – woo! Love this game :P

FIFA Soccer 12 = $6.00

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