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Usually 2-3 weeks before release.




  • SBC's will be now on WEB APP too!
  • New walk out animations.
  • New icon SBC.
  • New updates Web app and Companion App with SBCs!
  • Objectives have been revamped. New Weekly/Daily objectives for us to compete
  • Squad battles: vs computer challenges.
  • Champions Channel: New replay feature where you can re-watch games from your favorite content creators
  • New OTWs!

and more!















Can't wait. 

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5 minutes ago, Joe Cool said:



As for the gameplay, it's not going to matter till final release as it is never like pre-release/demo version. 

less than 2 months to release, the gameplay we saw yesterday will be the same in the vanilla version. and all those short clips of crosses and different team style were not seen yesterday

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2 hours ago, armaan said:


How often do you apply Fitness Cards on your squad?


Depends. Normal matches -> when players go below 60.

Important matches as must win -> when players go below 80.


If you have time, just have a 2nd squad and play a game or two against CPU while benching your main squad. 

Edited by Joe Cool

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