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Disco Elysium

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Disco Elysium is a groundbreaking open world role playing game. You're a detective with a unique skill system at your disposal

and a whole city block to carve your path across.Interrogate unforgettable characters, crack murders or take bribes. Become

a hero or an absolute disaster of a human being.


Developer: ZA/UM

Genre: Role-playing game

Publisher: ZA/UM

Platform: Microsoft Windows






OpenCritic - 92

Metacritic - 93




IGN - 9.6

Disco Elysium is a unique blend of noir-detective fiction, traditional pen-and-paper RPGs, and a large helping of existentialist theory. Its twisting plot, cast of memorable characters, and sheer depth of choice combine to create an experience that begs to be savoured. A few minor gripes aside, it hits on almost every single one of the marks it sets out to achieve and left me yearning to spend more time in its world.





ACG - Buy

Everything is a strange uncanny valley of narrative and character here, it is utterly brilliant. It is difficult for games to surprise these days, but Disco not only surprised, it surprised at an incredibly high pace.





Fextralife - 8.5/10

In a day and age where social and political issues are subtly weaved into the very fabric of nearly every form of entertainment, Disco Elysium takes them head on without a hint of shyness. Disco Elysium is certainly not a game for those that are faint of heart, but if you have a sense of humor, and you're looking for a breath of fresh air then Disco Elysium is a must buy game. If it doesn't make you laugh out loud a time or three, I'll ride the c*ck Carousel.







HaasGaming - 9/10

I think anyone can appreciate the sheer depth that the dialogue offers, and the comedic moments are simply stellar. Disco Elysium does handle some very real subjects, and handles them consistently with a lot of style and a lot of flavor. If you're not adverse to a lot of dialogue that can be a tad much, a tad too grandiloquent maybe, then I'm sure you'll love it.







Gaming on PC - 10/10

Aside from these two very minor tech issues, my time with the game has been pretty much perfect. Disco Elysium is an unforgettable journey that shouldn’t just be experienced by all RPG fans, but by anyone who has ever played a videogame. I can’t think of a single thing this game does wrong, and for all intents and purposes, ZA/UM‘s debut release has dethroned Planescape: Torment as the best RPG I’ve ever played. Don’t sleep on this gem!






Ragequit GR - 90/100

It is one of the best-written RPGs in recent memory. It is a glimpse inside the mind of Hunter S. Thompson, combined with the best script that David Lynch never wrote. It is True Detective’s Rust Cohle, drinking beer and smoking opium with Sherlock Holmes while Twin Peaks’ Dale Cooper is in the next room brewing damn good coffee. Despite being the first title to be produced by the independent developers of ZA/UM Studio, Disco Elysium is undoubtedly an indie masterpiece that will be regarded as one of the benchmarks with which we compare all future endeavours in the isometric RPG genre.




Millenium - 88/100

Disco Elysium is a real success, at least in its kind. The writing is intelligent and sought after, offering a breathtaking story and tasty dialogues to navigate. On the other hand, it is strongly discouraged for Anglophobes, the game uses a complex vocabulary which is not translated at all.




CanaardPC - 10/10

"It will never be as good as they say." This is what has been repeated for four years each time ZA / UM gives details of the Disco Elysium project. Ambitious, intelligent, beautiful, funny, crazy, the role-play we were being portrayed was above all too good to be true. Nobody really believed that Baltic developers with no video game experience were going to lay a masterpiece, without forcing it, as a front line on their resume. Today, we have to face the facts: an Estonian artists' collective created the best role-playing game ever to be installed on our PCs.




Jeuxvideo - 18/20

There is still so much to say about Disco Elysium. In many ways, it's a brilliant game. With a simply breathtaking writing, a high-level artistic direction and a principle, inherited from the very foundations of the paper role playing, terribly atypical, the title of ZA / UM is an incredible experience that will however leave on the diamonds are refractory to wordy games where the fights are settled with the throwing of dice, but also, and it is unfortunate, the public does not have a solid foundation of English. But the others, bubbled to the Planescape Torment and other Fallout old school will find there a modern RPG, by no means anachronistic, intelligent, of a rather new density, where to take bad decisions or simply to fail also remains a valid way to lead the way. 'investigation. Disco Elysium is undoubtedly essential in the niche in which it evolves and provides a feeling of exhilarating incarnation. We might be witnessing the birth of a very large future studio.




Wccftech - 9.5/10

It's impossible not to fall for Disco Elysium, from its intriguing murder detective work to the world it depicts, not to mention the voices inside your own head. It's an experience that could easily make the top of some Game of Year lists and for good reason...

... Whether you’re racing the clock to catch that witness or having political conversations with the part of your brain that normally wants you to punch things, Disco Elysium is a unique gaming experience that should be attempted by everyone.





Rock Paper Shotgun

It does deserve to be compared to yer Planescapes, yer Fallouts, even if it hasn’t stepped totally out from their long shadows. It’s a great, bleak rumination on the failings of humanity on a macro and micro level. But not without hope. A masterpiece, but flawed, and proof positive that if ZA/UM can do flawed masterpiece for their first outing, they might already be chipping away the flaws in time for their next.






PC Gamer - 92/100

The thing about Disco Elysium is that my experience of it is completely unique to me, such is the dizzying variety of skills, stats, thoughts, and conversation options on offer. You could play through it five times and still not see everything, so there's no one experience to assess. But I can say with certainty that it's one of the finest RPGs on PC if you value depth, freedom, customization, and storytelling.




Gamekult - 9/10

What a triumph. After months of drooling at promises of a new future for C-RPG, the verdict is clear: Disco Elysium is indeed an exceptional role-playing game. By his qualities of writing first, which supplant almost all that the genre has seen pass these last twenty.





GameCrate - 9.25/10

I’ve never laughed this much while playing a game. Well-read, nihilistic, dark, and intellectual, Disco Elysium is like your favorite poli-sci professor huffed paint and ran naked through the quad. Anyone who loves isometric RPGs, story games, walking simulators, or Telltale Games should moneyfist their monitor, cram some cocaine into their router, and download Disco Elysium immediately.







tuttoteK - 8.5/10

Disco Elysium is an exceptional title that has managed to find new and valid ideas for a type of game that has now seen everything. The title manages to remain interesting throughout its duration and overall the adventure is fairly balanced.






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One of the Steam review, it's a full-fledged detective game. Unique and well made. 



-Punch a child in the nose
-Point a loaded handgun at another
-Kill yourself trying to pull a tie off a ceiling fan
-Wander the streets in your underwear, in the middle of winter
-Try to 'make ♥♥♥♥' with a woman you just met
-Pick up 100 bottles to pay your rent
-Tackle a handicapped woman after you spend the rent money on drugs
-Try to seduce her afterwards
-Crash with a 12 year old and then kick his dad out so the two of you can shoot heroin
-Steal the boots off a murder victim and forget to clean the feces out of them
-Pass out in a garbage can
-Drink yourself to death
-Get better anyways
-Exorcise a book store so you can read pornography in private
-Steal your co-worker's pen and then pawn it for more drugs
-Throw yourself off of rooftops to feel something
-Name yourself 'The Destroyer' and sing karaoke until your lungs collapse
-Maybe solve the crime you've been sent to investigate, if you feel like it.

And that's just two hours in. This is the kind of game you're gonna want to play over and over, just to see how much crazier things can get.


Quite realistic game till date. 

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Man, the writing in this is astonishingly good! I mean I was already expecting it to be great after reading the reviews, but it still managed to surprise me with how good it really is.

It even adds weight to tasks that might be considered mundane in other games and actually makes them really interesting.

This is very much a point and click RPG and as it's been quite a while since I've played one of those, I'm finding it very refreshing. More so because everything is just so well done in this game, right from its intriguing setting and lore to its atmospheric art and music.


Was initially planning to start playing it next month. But after watching my brother play for a while, I couldn't resist starting my own playthrough :P


Ohh and did I mention the game is f**king hilarious? I've only played for a couple of hours and I've already had plenty of genuine laugh-out-loud moments.

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1 hour ago, SpearHea:D said:

Never heard about this game and not a fan of top down genre. But intrigued.

If you're into detective, realistic and heavily story driven games then give it a try. 

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