Interview: WWE 2K19 Executive Producer Mark Little on 2K Showcase mode returning, framerate, PC version, ECW, and more

We spoke to Mark Little on a Skype call at the WWE 2K19 Preview Event in Mumbai last week discussing the various improvements and additions fans can expect in 2K19 including performance, gameplay, new modes, and more.

Age of Empires Multiplayer Beta impressions

The Age of Empires franchise is one of the most iconic PC gaming franchises of all time. Age of Empires was one of the first games that I played on my first computer and this cemented its standing in my memory. Ensemble Studios not only created a gaming franchise but also cultivated a loyal following […]

Interview: WWE 2K18 Executive Producer Mark Little

We spoke to Mark Little on a call at the WWE 2K18 Preview Event in Mumbai last week discussing the PC version, Nintendo Switch, PS4 Pro, game modes, and more.

PlayStation at E3 2016: The good and the bad

In comparison to Microsoft’s E3 press conference earlier in the day, Sony’s was quite straightforward. With no new hardware to unveil, Sony stuck to the games, and did a great job of it.

God of War to Resident Evil 7: All the big games revealed at E3 2016

With all the major press conferences completed, we now have a complete list of all the new games that were announced at E3 2016, and here they are with trailers/gameplay.

IVG Podcast 41: Best and worst of 2015, looking ahead to 2016, VR expectations and doubts, and more

In the last episode of 2015: Kojima goes indie, Capcom finds a distributor, the VR debate, the best and worst of 2015, and a look ahead to 2016.

IVG Podcast 40: PlayStation Experience, Uncharted 4, Amazon customer service, pre-release Betas, and more

This week: PlayStation experience, Uncharted 4 beta impressions, Rise of the Tomb Raider sales, Amazon’s horrible customer support, a discussion on the good and bad of pre-release Betas, and more.

IVG Podcast 39: The Game Awards, Kojima drama, Rainbow Six, and more

This week: Winners, drama and more at The Game Awards, Psychonauts 2, Far Cry Primal and Dark Souls 3 collector’s editions, Rainbow Six Siege and Just Cause 3 impressions, and a PS4 game from an Indian dev.

IVG Podcast 37: PlayStation Experience, IGX, PS2 games on PS4, INR on Steam, Fallout 4, and more

On this week’s podcast: what to expect at PlayStation Experience, a look back at IGX, thoughts on PS4 backwards compatibility, Steam’s INR pricing, and more.