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  1. [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    if anyone wants aorus boards pm me
  2. What you bought this week

    Sweet headphones amit, how did much did they cost you though with customs and all?
  3. Far Cry 5

    game seems good on pc but I ain't paying a rupee more than 2k, will wait for a sale..
  4. What you bought this week

  5. Bloodborne

  6. Bloodborne

    lol ban coming soon
  7. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    that's a decision you have to make, do you think its worth the money at it current state then buy it now, else wait for sales.
  8. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    The game still needs patches, 40+ fps high med 2k resolution.. Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  9. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    any video of sorts showing changes, if it has reduced the glitches and all then I'll buy it right now!

    OMG zodak
  11. Dragon Ball Fighters

    any Videos you suggest to master the combos and everything before trying to play online?
  12. What you bought this week

    Got this today :3 Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  13. The Mobile Phone Thread

    Waiting for Samsung to release a Oreo update for the note, have they always been so late? Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  14. The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    ps plus games for feb :3