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  1. Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII

    I bought it on pc, black ops 3 on pc was pretty active and mp matches on pc is working just fine 100 ping(others I know are getting 60 ping)
  2. The PC Gaming Thread

    @kunallkw I have Samsung C24FG73 new(bill in your name up for sale) price lower than Amazon, lemme know if interested
  3. The Graphics Card thread

    depends if you answer my question
  4. The Graphics Card thread

    I might have a idea who they are, ask if his name is anuj nehra?
  5. The Apple Thread

    lets see how they price XR here XS is gonna be rekt I am guessing 95K easily :3
  6. [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    I know mr eddie, a good friend and like a brother, he is the community manager at gigabyte hence might be pushing for the same, will ask what's the scene. Eddie himself is from Chandigarh so he should know...
  7. The Graphics Card thread

    I do not check the usage these days but I am pretty satisfied with my setup, decent framerates at 2k res, no problems with monster hunter either!
  8. The Mobile Phone Thread

    so cracked my note 8 screen, samsung asking 16k for repair :| GG
  9. The Gaming Channels Thread

    Video after 2 months ;-;
  10. The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    X or S or base model? Base
  11. The Careers Thread

    reviving this thread because looking for some advice any online courses related to marketing or management that one can do? I have 2 months off from college and would like to learn a new skill. Any suggestions?
  12. What you bought this week

    clear your messages, will explain in pm :3
  13. What you bought this week

    Awesome purchase kjd bhaiya Next time mere through lena cheeze better rates