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  1. Shouldn't clicking on a thread name in unread content go the last page of that thread instead of the first?
  2. I am looking to buy this TV. Does this seller look safe?
  3. I want to see more of that Ubisoft Avatar game
  4. The way Real Madrid played against Seville last night with 5 first team players missing :wub: James goal
  5. goty 20xx

    Brb changing pants
  6. In how many months? And how many scoops per day?
  7. that could be true in some cases. I have sony 4k and samsung 1080p at my house and I can play Fifa normally. My friend has samsung 4k curved and I immediately notice lag and feel like something is off whenever I go to play at his place. edit: even when he puts it in game mode.
  8. That is highly improbable that zlatan put a low cross and your team scored a goal while you were afk. Maybe you have a ghost in your room who picked up the controller and played after you left :fear:
  9. Just started playing this. Does this game get better if played with a crew, or solo is fine?
  10. inb4lock
  11. overcooked. Fun af