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  1. What's so bad about thirteen year olds trying to introspect? Have you ever actually listened to a thirteen year old reflect on life?
  2. Alia Bhatt wonders whether people will continue to love her So, what do the members here think? Do you think her fans and contemporaries will continue to love her?
  3. I can understand if someone thought that a patch was ridiculous because it addressed a superficial bug. This is the first time i've come across someone making fun of a patch because of its size.
  4. @Walker Since you mentioned TNG, i was wondering if you've watched the following - Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise.
  5. Dirt 4 looks miles better than WRC 7. Though most may have a hard time believing me, i personally feel that Codemasters have done a wonderful job with Dirt 4. The new art direction explores the use of rich colours in environments while keeping blur to an absolute minimum. Now, if only CM would create some handcrafted stages for Dirt 4.
  6. Yes, you are correct. I was wrong. Sorry for the confusion. Edited my previous post.
  7. As funny as it is, can anyone spot what is wrong?
  8. You didn't. And that's how i reached this conclusion. From the list of complaints that you put together, it seemed to me that you were directing the fault at T10. I'm keeping my fingers crossed even after the full game launches. Considering that gamers are forced to live with "launch bugs" because majority of game studios (even the AAA ones) squeeze the life out of their developers with tight deadlines, i don't think it's wrong of me to congratulate T10 for the awesome work they've done on the demo.
  9. This is a problem with the Windows Store app. What does T10 have to do with the inconsistent download speeds on Windows Store? They should have this fixed by the time the full game launches. I suspect that T10 have made significant changes to how ForzaTech manages memory. It's a small tradeoff considering the dramatic increase in performance that T10 has somehow magically complemented with even better IQ compared to FM6 Apex. Given time T10 should be able to decrease loading periods. You could help T10 by reporting this along with your system specs. Try disabling Core 0 for the ForzaMotorsport7.exe executable by deselecting Core 0 under the Processor Affinity dialog box that pops up when you right-click on the executable and click on Set Affinity under the Details tab in Task Manager after launching the game. T10 should have this fixed by the time the full game launches. Nvidia and AMD haven't released new drivers for the demo. Maybe they won't for the demo. But rest assured that they'll have something ready for the full game by launch. I suspect you're using an Nvidia graphics card. You could also try this - launch Nvidia's control panel and under Manage 3D settings switch to the Program Settings tab. Add the ForzaMotorsport7.exe executable to the list of Programs. With the executable selected, set Power management mode to Prefer maximum performance in the box that lists all of the available settings.
  10. @WhiteWolf I've included a link to a paper that details virtual caching that improves bandwidth and power consumption by significantly reducing TLB misses for heterogeneous systems. Note that the system they used for simulation is a heterogeneous APU that uses only a single, distinct memory subsystem as shared memory. Its configuration strongly indicates that it's a Ryzen 5 2500U APU outfitted with a Vega iGPU that has 16CU. The new APU uses AMD's implementation of HSA that they're calling Heterogeneous Unified Memory Architecture (HUMA). It is very similar to Nvidia's Unified Memory Access (UMA). Hope this clears any and all of your doubts you may have with this technology. EDIT: Got the math for the CU configuration wrong. The final R5 2500U APU will ship with a total of 1024 installed shader cores alongside multiple SKUs ranging from a flagship SKU that features all activatedd 16CUs to enthusiast and consumer grade SKUs with differing number of deactivated CUs resulting in lower shader core count. The desktop APUs will most likely have more activated CUs than its mobile counterparts.
  11. At the rate we're headed...
  12. What's the point? I'm on guard now!
  13. Very old news. Here's the link - https://www.thestar.com/news/world/2012/04/09/chinese_teen_sells_kidney_to_buy_iphone_ipad_five_arrested.html
  14. It was only a single post.