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  1. If you are someone who genuinely enjoys reading books then you'd have preemptively (instinctively) understood that adapting any epic fantasy novel for the television, or even the big screen format for that matter, is a monumentally difficult task. This problem is only exacerbated in the case of A Song of Ice and Fire because of the reason you highlighted in your last post. I don't believe you. Furthermore, a TV show like the Game of Thrones is created with the sole purpose to cater to a massive audience. GRRM didn't write those books knowing that an enormous television network like HBO would one day adapt ASoIaF for the television. By now it should be clear that TV show audiences and bibliophiles aren't in the same league. And that gap is so large that HBO has had to rewrite the storyline to better suit the television format. Which brings me to your complaints, that are quite frankly confusing because there's no way anyone would've reached your conclusion so late and that too after watching the TV show storyline unravel following season 4. Also, i don't see how anyone can enjoy reading the books after they've watched the GoT TV show.
  2. Sounds like you're complaining for the heck of it. Need i remind you that there are still 3 episodes left before this season finishes?
  3. Does anyone own a pair of R9 Fury's? I want to know if my Seasonic X-850 (SS-850KM) PSU is enough to power a crossfire setup.
  4. @AtheK Thanks!
  5. Oh! Phew! I thought you had a problem with this thread because of pushys' posts. I'm sure i made myself clear the first time when i said that naughty experiences don't always entail only sexual experiences. Interested members could try substituting the word Naughty with Daring. Most of us have been naughty at some point in our lives without realizing so.
  6. But what's the problem?
  7. @sobbii I don't get it. Are you indirectly hinting that the initial responses somehow reflect my maturity?!
  8. Erm. Speak for yourself brother.
  9. One of the reasons for creating this thread was to figure out how boring my life is compared to everyone else's. Without being completely straightforward, you'll have to trust me when i tell you that i'm the one who's dependent on your input!
  10. Anyone else care to contribute?
  11. @Bhpian Bali Please do me the honor of kick-starting this thread!
  12. I created this thread so that members can openly share their experiences. It doesn't necessarily have to be sexual in nature. And not necessarily bad either. Just something you knew was naughty at the time, but did it anyway. You may or may not have gotten tremendous satisfaction out of doing so, but the point is, that in hindsight you recollect those experiences as naughty adventures.
  13. ^ Bhai! Get your priorities in order. You can improve your punctuation later on. Stop violating rules concerning the discussion of media piracy on the forum. SRK will change only if you change!
  14. Ahem...aren't you guys violating forum rules?