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  1. Gran Turismo Sport

    Stock springs on most popular steering wheel sets don't feel authentic. It's a very common complaint. Are you planning to sell the replacement once you get it?
  2. Gran Turismo Sport

    @Walker Wouldn't that change the pedal characteristics like pedal travel, pedal resistance, etc.?
  3. The Graphics Card thread

    Go ahead. I'm not here to rebel against authority. It's normal for people to end up in a bad place. But please remember that i did not say anything racist or sexist.
  4. The Graphics Card thread

    @ALPHA17 I never said anything racist or sexist, neither did i insult anyone. So, how is it that you take pleasure in posting that meme? Do you think its nice want to mock someone for having a panic attack?
  5. Discord Chat App

    What's your Discord ID?
  6. General Medical Thread

    @blitzkreiig I still have a cold. Do you recommend i check myself into a hospital?
  7. General Medical Thread

  8. General Medical Thread

  9. General Medical Thread

  10. General Medical Thread

    Just so you know, i have no line of credit either.
  11. General Medical Thread

    My back and right leg (for now) is beginning to hurt as well. I keep thumping my chest for some reason. Does that help with the diagnosis? I'm strapped for cash. So i won't be able to afford an ECG. Any OTC medication that can stall, if not cure, a potentially (hopefully not life-threatening) serious illness?
  12. General Medical Thread

  13. General Medical Thread

    Any doctors here? Chest feeling heavy and starting to get dizzy. Thanks for the help!
  14. The Graphics Card thread

    @ALPHA17 @Joe Cool Edited all of my posts. I don't know how Samsung ASICs, AMD CPUs and Nvidia/RTG GPUs are inter-related. I understand how Bitcoin/Blockchain technology at a very high level but don't know squat about where the bitcoin market (networking, hardware including latest news & developments) starts and ends. I also do not know how Bitcoin is inter-related with the development of the aforementioned industry manufacturers and their respective roadmaps.