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  1. I feel it is important that everyone must know where i come from. My experiences taught me that in order for both women and men to achieve true equality it was necessary for women to represent their gender in all fields in just as many numbers as men. I always though that the infighting amongst women was because our patriarchal world under-represented them much like how we Indians infight because the British Raj interfered in our natural evolution. Their interference had such far-reaching consequences, that we Indians still feel it every second that passes in the present. It is a gross understatement to say that the worst that the British Raj did in India was to loot us. Growing up, i realised a few important facts. Firstly, there is no need for a Mahatma Gandhi to exist in today's world. The world is much smaller than what it was 60~80 years ago. As a result, it is far more easier to educate the average person (atleast in the first world) on the problems that people all over the world face. While it may initially seem like a good thing, it actually works to the disadvantage of a noble cause like women's empowerment. When the responsibility of representing women's empowerment falls on the shoulders of a single, but powerful, female figure like Michelle Obama, the responsibility of solving other problems in the world would also fall to her. To better understand this you need to visualise an alternate reality where the British rule in India persisted even today. You cannot begin to comprehend how much more difficult it would've been for Mahatma Gandhi to free India had he been born in the 1980s. He'd have had the additional responsibility of solving smaller problems (plight of troubled Indian immigrants all over the world) all over the world despite the advantages he'd have thanks to modern-advancements. Second and more importantly, i felt that in order for women to achieve true equality it was necessary for them to create their own success. Despite being wronged by women in the past, i would never fault a woman for telling me that i could never comprehend how important it was for women to be responsible for their own success. That is what the Wonder Woman (2017) movie means to women all over the world, including the men who've struggled alongside them. When i saw the first few trailers of Wonder Woman (2017), i expected to see Princess Diana and powerful Amazonians working together to defeat Ares and his minions. But that was not to be. I was upset that Antiope didn't get more screentime. Considering Patty Jenkin's potential, i expected Diana and Steve to engage in intelligent conversation concerning gender equality, misconceptions and stereotypes; something along the lines of the below YT clip but far more lengthier and well placed. BUT... What we got treated to could be best described as juvenile and at worst an insidious plot to wean future generations of women from being attracted to the outlier Omega male personalities. I personally felt that the movie indirectly implied that the lines between tolerant/mainstream and hardcore feminist groups has completely disappeared let alone blurred. The final movie deviated so far from my expectations that i couldn't help notice the embedded subliminal message(s). It is only natural for women to find outliers attractive. Feminists should not justify tampering with the natural order of things i.e., either desexualizing outliers or inflating hypergamy, by citing desperation or in the name of accelerating evolution. Part of me is now convinced that women infight because it is genetic and not as a result of being starved of true independence/success in a patriarchal world. I used to think that the mainstream feminist movement could succeed without first solving the problems that women faced in the middle-east. But after watching Wonder Woman (2017) i am not so sure now. In fact, i now realise that i was foolish to think that the problems facing Muslim women and New Zealand men weren't in any way connected to the feminist movement and they existed solely because their countries were isolated (and resisted integrating with the rest of the world). After watching Wonder Woman (2017), some part of me has started expecting the larger feminist movement to first solve the problems faced by both men and women in these countries. If you don't believe me that the men in New Zealand are suffering too, then please read the following personal account of a man who grew up in New Zealand - SOURCE: www.e2nz.org Considering how quickly feminists came out in support of Chris Pine, a part of me is now wary of Pro-Feminist leaders and their respective agendas. I don't know their plans in detail but i have now realised that they're willing to go any lengths to push women's empowerment without any regard for the impact of their actions on future generations. I now believe that they themselves are well-aware that they will live only once further reinforced by the confidence they have in their connections and resources to protect their children. There is a silver lining to this however. My respect for Mahatma Gandhi and his ideals has greatly increased over the last few days i spent deliberating on the current state of women's empowerment and feminism. Please take the time to reread this post. Once you understand my position on women's empowerment and feminism, only then will you learn how important it is to acknowledge [existence] the ideology that RoK promotes even if you may disagree with them. Don't fret over respect and sincerity when the magnitude of the main theme concerning this discussion is much greater. Doing so will only derail this discussion. That is why i did not accuse @KyoyaHibari of shaming me (he came very close to doing so) even though i was well within my right. Only when you realise this will you then understand why RoK is shamed for believing in their ideology regardless of whether you (or anyone else for that matter) agree or disagree with them.
  2. @sathyabhat How many copies of the database do you (or anyone else have for that matter) have? Any safeguards in place to prevent unauthorised distribution/circulation of the data?
  3. @quixote_1989, @adity and @Joe Cool - I respect your opinions too. @quixote_1989 Although it'd be clear if i used anti-feminazi to describe myself, my conscience holds me back. I am much closer to a anti-[hardcore feminist]. Don't believe me? Here's a post in another thread - Until a few weeks ago i too felt that the MRA weren't worthy of anyones attention and carried on with my life never holding a grudge against women. For 31 years, 7 months and 28 days i never once spoke out against the women who did me wrong in my life. I consciously chose to not bear malice towards women's movement (including the hardcore ones) thinking that it'd be the best for women all over the world and not just my mother. And then everything changed in the first week of this month when i realised that if hardcore/pro-feminists are willing to mess with the natural order of things then they will never acknowledge my existence. I also hold myself at fault for having never spoken up about any of my personal experiences until now. It took me 31 years, 7 months and 28 days to realise this just like how feminists (hardcore and tolerant groups) came into view only a few decades ago. I do not know how to respond to this. I cannot understand what logic you've used to confuse desperation/concern and zeal/extremism. Even if you didn't think twice to ask me, did you atleast pause to give me the benefit of the doubt? All i can say is that if you can misjudge someone's desperation/concern for zeal/extremism, then i'm not surprised that you think that the mentioned blog and my posts are filled with hate. FYI there are women who don't happen to belong to any men's movement but still share sentiments somewhat similar to those belonging to the men who write for that blog.
  4. Then why did you continue with the conversation? Couldn't you have sent me a PM instead of this post? No different than how you seem to think that i will force my ideologies on my children. How did you reach this conclusion? I clearly used the word pass. The whole basis for your argument hinges on the assumption that i want to force my ideologies on my children. When did i ever say i wanted to do that? Reread both of my posts (including the quotes) again. So now i'm the textbook blamer/whiner because i'm liberal/open-minded now? Can you please clarify this? Could you quote the source that confirms the text in bold please? Ha ha ha! How do you know this? Are you aware that the MRA consists of men and women? Sounds like you're the one who seems to have made a lot of conclusions just to beat me down.
  5. Do you realise that i wrote all that to not only help men who've been abused by women but also Betas/Omegas like yourself? Do you know how far down the ladder you get pushed if hypergamy keeps increasing at the rate it does? The western world is headed in a direction away from the egalitarian paradise originally envisioned. Until last month i was worried if my experiences and the values that i pass on to my children would matter in a country like India. Now i worry if i would ever make a good enough parent considering my personality. I'm desperately hoping to find a way to raise my children to be strong Alpha personalities otherwise i'd be cursing them by bringing them into this world. I was foolish to think that modern-day feminism would bring about happiness for all men and women regardless of their social standing or ideology. If Omega males, especially the ones working in the Tech industry, are reading this then they must wake up and realise that pro-feminist leaders are disconnected from their problems. Pro-feminist leaders promote feminism without any regard for the radical elements that might take root because they are well aware that they will be least affected by its consequences in their lifetime. They have access to resources/connections to take care of their children thus isolating themselves and their families from the consequences of their actions.
  6. ^ Otherwise good trailer ruined by inconsonant choice in trailer music
  7. Thanks! Does Amazon serve different versions of MySQL like web/standard/enterprise?
  8. DOES “THE SELFISH GENE” THEORY EXPLAIN WOMEN’S BEHAVIOR? Pretty interesting read. First-world feminists have taken things way to far. Disenfranchising western men from their own nations, eventually supplanting them with pliable immigrant cuckolds goes to show just how crazy they really are. If they aren't turning mothers, aunts, grandmothers and cousin-sisters against omegas then they're busy discrediting Mahatma Gandhi. This kind of outbreeding is in full-swing, not only in Europe but also in countries like New Zealand that has already given in to rewarding women through affirmative action. One can trace all of the immigration woes that New Zealand suffers to the way the present government has placed indisputable power in the hands of women working in the education and immigration sectors. Their reputation as a international education destination has taken a massive hit because of this.
  9. @adity Thanks. @sathyabhat Thanks a lot. How much does the RDS instance alone cost?
  10. $45-50 yearly?
  11. Yup. We have flawless skin compared to Caucasians. WB would've given Priyanka Chopra the pass like they did with Alexandra Daddario.
  12. You left out one archetype. If hardcore feminists aren't infighting then they're either pitting family members against each other or senselessly bashing Ivanka Trump.
  13. The kind of ending you envisioned would've never happened. Because it goes against the hardcore feminist agenda - all men are evil and are to be blamed for holding back women for centuries. Hardcore feminists have taken things way too far. I don't think even the hardcore feminists realise that what unites them is also responsible for causing infighting amongst them. For thousands upon thousands of years, women have always been drawn to catfights without any encouragement from us men. It's not as if we men divided women for centuries by consciously conditioning them to infight.
  14. What's the monthly bill like? I presume it's much higher than before?
  15. Is the T2 micro instance free?