Select Xbox 360 games now at Rs 699

Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell: Double Agent, Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, and Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2, which are now Xbox 360 Classic titles, will each be available for Rs 699, considerably lower than the Rs 999 pricepoint of other publishers’ Classic titles.

BioShock 2 Contest Winners

We’ve had a better than expected response to our BioShock 2 contest. Considering members were required to listen to the IVG podcast to enter it, we were surprised at how many of you actually managed to enter. It probably also helped that we had some great incentive in the form of a sweet BioShock 2 Collector’s Edition to give away courtesy Take-Two and E-Xpress Interactive.

‘Games: The Shop’ opens first store in Mumbai

Game Shop Retail Pvt. Ltd. has opened its first specialist games retail store – Games: The Shop, in Mumbai. Although it’s a division of E-Xpress Interactive, one of India’s leading game distributors, the store carries games from all publishers across PC, console and handheld platforms. The first store is located at R-City Mall in Ghatkoper East, Mumbai

Square-Enix games now available in India

We’ve been talking about this on the forums for a while, but here finally, is the official announcement – games from Japanese developer/publisher Square-Enix will now be available in India. This of course means that the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XIII (due for release in March) will also release here. Until then though, various PS2 […]

E-Play: Great games at less than Rs 300

E-Xpress Interactive’s E-Play line-up of games has been around a while, but not too many people seem to know about it. Over 100 PC titles make up the E-Play catalogue, with each game priced at either Rs 199 or Rs 299. There are some real classics in this line-up; games that are worth a lot […]

E-Xpress Pricebuster: Games at unbeatable prices

Those who have been checking our new IVG Twitter updates will know that today is the day we kick off the E-Xpress Pricebuster, which you may have noticed we’ve been teasing for the last few days on the blog and forums. For those of you who thought it might be an April fools joke, well […]

India gets GTA IV (PC) for Rs 499 only

But you knew that already. Don’t ask us how E-Xpress Interactive pulled it off, but for the first time, an AAA PC title is set to hit stores for under Rs 500 in a market where such titles usually retail for Rs 999 to Rs 1,299. The release date for the game was initially set […]

Great Khali merchandise with Smackdown vs Raw 09

It’s no secret that THQ’s annual WWE Smackdown vs Raw titles are big sellers in India. So to celebrate the release of this year’s installment – WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009, the game’s distributors E-Xpress Interactive are offering fans an incentive to be the first to pick up a copy. A limited number of coffee […]