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  1. My tribute to the best Multiplayer game ever. All footage from lockdown period.
  2. Best gaming character ever, MP3 has best TPS combat and the whole series is among TOP 3.
  3. Thanks. United breweries holding limited it is, thats not listed. I would be a f**ckin fortune if it somehow gets listed. UB ltd is 1446 atm
  4. Guys i have a question. My fathers demat account has many shares of united breweries holdings and kingfisher airlines. Both have been delisted, should i close that demat account or let it be active. Any slight hope of revivals?
  5. SpearHea:D

    Doom Eternal

    f**ckin love this game, The finishers and movement on max fov is relentless.
  6. Bought few from here ivg forum, Facebook group indiantoycollectors
  7. You pay money to get inferior experience and get better performance for free
  8. SpearHea:D

    Doom Eternal

    Bosses are better in doom 2016, other than that everything is superior in doom eternal.
  9. fatcatcollectibles, superherotoystore, BBTS, amazon.in/com, ebay, alipexpress, various toys forums, nerdarena
  10. 3rd wave is inevitable, i just hope its not as serious as 2nd one. Luckily all my closed ones are vaccinated with atleast one dose.
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