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  1. ^ There was an idiot in our school. As narrated by him his story " there was no electricity at that time, it was 5:00 am in the morning. He wanted to go somewhere on his bike. He checked petrol by opening the petrol cap and looked inside using a lighter. And there goes boom. It caught fire. Luckily just some eyelashes and front hair got damaged. Fire was controlled quickly by his father/family. Motorcycle ki Tanki ki watt lag gayi wo alag skool mein beizzati hui wo alag.
  2. Yeah, it was a breathtaking experience. Almost Everybody was playing that game. Iconic game. Even the release date was legendary 11/11/11.
  3. Skyrim has such a good ambience music.
  4. https://www.resetera.com/threads/wsj-twitter-and-elon-musk-are-in-talks-to-strike-a-deal-could-finalize-one-as-soon-as-this-week.576535/page-11 oh bc the meltdown in this thread
  5. Cant wait for the meltdown and threats to leave twitter from these clowns.
  6. https://www.neogaf.com/threads/sony-is-hiring-senior-director-for-pc-planning-and-strategy.1635406/ " The successful candidate will be responsible for the strategy and commercial activity within Global Channel sales and will deliver a single, optimized PC Sales growth and commercial plan to hub and territory teams to implement. Identifying future sectors & partnerships for commercial growth. The plan should support the delivery of the agreed global channel sales critical metrics. To do this they will lead collaboration with partners such as CDS leadership, GSBO Hub and territory leadership, global marketing, WWS, Legal, Corp Strategy, PPM, and other global commercial partners (e.g. Genba, Epic, Steam). The candidate will need to be flexible and open to evolving roles and responsibilities aligned to the changing needs of this business unit as it grows and expands. "
  7. 2:31-3:00, 6:08 bhai kya banda hai ye
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