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  1. Not me, my friends were there on discord too.
  2. Put down this boss last night. Intense battle, run n gun gameplay with bullet dodging is so satisfying this game. Love all the attacks the boss throws on you. What an amazing game.
  3. Reached till First boss, he got me everytime with his lunge attack. But man what an intense battle it was. All the attacks he throws on you is so cool to see and fun to dodge. The run n gun gameplay is brilliant and intense. What a game, i am in love Guess i have to start again and explore everything . This game needs time, from now will play after midnight or when there is no disturbance.
  4. Performance is good for most part but there is little bit of stuttering. Does not bother me though. Ryzen 5 3600, RTX 2070, 16 gb Ram.
  5. Played for an hour. Amazing and fast gameplay. Also That atmosphere is really something special. Unkown alien civilization lying in rumbles, dreadful atmosphere and the enemy type is cool. Game gives you the ventured into the unkown feeling. Love futuristic weapons in games and here they are hot to fire. Mighty impressed.
  6. Pre load live on steam, 53 gbs. Excited for tonight.
  7. The world is so beautiful. Its a treat to lay eyes on all those country side houses, pathways through the forests and all the wilderness outside hogwarts. Also visit the candy store in hogsmeade, you'll giggle and adore the attention to the detail. Puts a smile on my face.
  8. f**ckin love this ancient magic
  9. Heard Faora-Ul will be back too. Damn, Sexiest Gundi ever. Absolutely gorgeous and powerful.
  10. What kind of hypocrisy is this ? Did leo kidnap her ? That girl is letting leo date her, knowing his past. Could have said No. Her life her choice. She is 18 too, able to make her own decision. Bc chahiye kya, my life my choice bhi karna hai phir judgement bhi pass karna hai. Also Madonna is dating a 23 year old too.
  11. Combat is actually good when tackling the crowds. Finished the school wand tournament.
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