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  1. Laurus down almost 5%. Hard to see.
  2. Anti-dumping duty removed from Phenols. Most probably the reason why Deepak crashed yesterday. Definite impact on revenue and PAT but currently that might be offset by increased freight costs. And given they will be using it for their own downstream derivatives, the impact might not be much in future. Need to research more.
  3. I wouldn't mind having a whatsapp group though. I end up missing early morning dips because I am a late riser.
  4. If companies like Ingrevia, Mastek don't rebound quickly. I can see companies like Laurus hitting 450-500. Prepared to see profit disappear but have to remember that aim is to build quantity at a good price and not build profit at low quantity.
  5. These are good compounders but don't expect anything more than 10-15% from these. If that's what you want then they are great. And long-term really depends on your risk-appetite. There are loss making companies with great potential but will be very hard to hold. We don't have a private group.
  6. It is but there is a very good case for it. Market likes certainty. Market hates volatility. If a company can consistently grow top and bottomline at 5-10% for 10-20 years (on a large base) then that certainty demands a higher multiple. HUL posted good results yesterday and the stock still dropped down. But if you invest in HUL, you can for sure have a nice sleep every night without worrying what will happen tomorrow at 9:15. Because HUL will compound year after year. Not the same for other sectors/companies. Also companies like HUL are prime targets for pension funds or liquid funds. For me HUL is a great stock to add for someone who wants easy 10% returns. Just wait for results day and add.
  7. That big correction happens once in 10 years. That happened with Covid. Use this time to build up quantity, unless something extremely major (like 3rd Wave) happens, this might be all we will get. Also, stay tuned for the long term vision. For example: Phenol spreads are still inching to ATH and Deepak went down 12% today for absolutely no reason other than panic. All of the capital I invested today ended up in red but that's why I have kept 4/5th of the capital still in the bag.
  8. Hard to do Intraday with a day job.
  9. Some valuations have started to make sense now. Q2/Q3/Q4 will be great time to build up quantity. PF down to 60% gain (overall), will most likely come to 45-50% after further capital infusion and correction. Possibly even down to 40%. FY23/24/25/26 will be happy times.
  10. Divide existing capital in 5 parts. Invest everytime the market panics to a result.
  11. What a lovely day! Volatility is a friend for the salaried class. SIP kro.
  12. I am tempted to get it from US. I know the warranty and the lack of support will be terrible but I just can't seem to daily any other phone.
  13. That's true for most phones. But nothing said about Indian availability. I don't know what to do now, my Pixel 2XL is hardly able to keep up nowadays.
  14. Pixel 6 : $599 Pixel 6 Pro : $899 Aggressive pricing.
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