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  1. Once it is approved and you get confirmation that it has been dispatched, you can call HDFC Customer care and ask them, they can verify it. You can't verify it on your own. Or write to CC grievance for a confirmation.
  2. Although I fully expect there to be QC issue with Samsung especially given their history, I currently have S2/3/4/5/6/10 stored in my old tech/junk drawer. And I just checked thoroughly, none of them has any swelling. It seems like they used different factories or different OEMs for the same parts.
  3. Ordered from Tata Cliq. 100% authentic. Even Myntra has worked well for me.
  4. Cashback card doesn't matter. Forfeiting regular reward points? That's scummy. People can probably take it upto RBI for this.
  5. Only Cashback and reward points. Not the instant discount which was offered on Amazon. As per them it is mentioned in T&Cs that offers can't be combined and they are treating card features as offers, lol. I just hope other card issuers don't follow this in future.
  6. SBI played chindi. All reward points and cashback accrued on cards which were eligible for Instant discount, will be forfeited.
  7. Started building position in IEX. Repeating again, this is an investing experiment for me. Trying to see how an asset light, high cashflow, high op% business can become a dividend monster in longterm. Fully expecting further dips.
  8. Removal of ADD? Even if capacities are going to go 2x, non-renewal of ADD clearly implies that Govt. wants to boost Solar even if it means getting cheaper modules from China. Growth of the industry >> Growth of Indian Company. It might still do well but the uncertainty was not worth it for me. P.S. I exited at around 650.
  9. No, not overall. Talking about intra. Overall, still up 30%. 30-40% has been the norm for me over the last 10 months or so. Although PF has been continuously increasing in size due to regular investments. Right now I am investing the money I got by exiting Bororenew.
  10. I am not a registered financial advisor so please don't take my views as investment advice. I mentioned Pharma + Healthcare because that is my area of competence and I see it as a defensive sector as well. Recession might come, inflation might go up, consumption might go down but I don't think this is valid for healthcare. People will still go to hospitals, people will still buy medicines. But beware, pharma and healthcare is a huge space and filled with duds. I personally am investing in bits and pieces and have marked levels at which I expect the index bottoms to be made which might correlate with bottoms for individual stocks as well. That's where I will add lumpsum. If those levels are never hit, even then I expect sideways market for atleast next 2+ quarters and hence I will have time to build my position. But that's my risk appetite, I have my emergency funds set aside and I am not putting all of my savings in. For you, it will differ. I have seen enough data to build conviction that even if I get 0/-ve returns over next 2 years (a real possibility), over long term, the position will outperform. But then again, I have appetite to see deep red in my PF. If that's not what you can do and you want to sleep calmly at night. I would recommend doing SIP in indices and MFs like Nifty, ITBees, PPFAS etc, don't go for individual companies. I myself have been wrong many times. Just set up a weekly/monthly tenure and invest the rest in liquids funds/FDs. Equity = (100 - Age)% generally works well. As for EURO or even pound (52wk low vs USD), it doesn't really matter. Money is leaving for USD. EU and UK are in shambles. DXY is breaking every resistance. It's just that Rupee is performing relatively better against USD and hence against EURO/Pound. Not sure if there is anything to gain over here.
  11. Does anyone have any experience with getting rid of rogue plants like Peepal? Can't really break down the wall. I know there are few chemical to get this done but not sure.
  12. Possibility of pre-2016, 8-8.5% FD rates looks high.
  13. Further rates hikes by RBI should roll in soon. 16000 might just become a value zone for Nifty. Nasdaq 100 poised to breach 11k and towards 10.5k. Will keep nibbling Nasdaq 100, current Indian PF and <3% in China. Indian PF = Pharma/Healthcare/Bio Universe (80%) + Mix of Tech/Fin/Consumption /Auto (20%) Will go lumpsum when the index hits above levels.
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