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  1. After flipkart took over they transformed ebay into a second hand/refurbished store and then they changed it to 2GUD. Once the Walmart deal happened ebay bought back the rights of ebay.in, ebay could have relaunched it but they never did.
  2. S21 has major downgrades this time 1080p screen, no expendable storage and no glass back. Not worth the 70k launch price but it will mostly be discounted to 50k like the S20+ six months down the line.
  3. Can take the last one, from Bangalore too Edit: If@Shantz backs out will take it.
  4. I was able to go to the payment page several times, enter cvv and then click next and then always same error seller cannot deliver to my location.
  5. Mine was worse was refreshing till 1 on Amazon and then decided to give up few mins later I see its available but too late.
  6. Let me know if you want to sell, I go to the payment page and then same error for me.
  7. Not deliverable to my address, I am from Bangalore too
  8. Amazon landing page. Spiderman MM and Sackboy links give an error, media remote and ps5 show as unavailable, dual sense controller is still available.
  9. I mostly lurk here and don't post much, if I am eligible to enter then me too.
  10. Enjoyed Soul too, people who liked inside out will like it. Ford v Ferrari is a good watch.
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