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  1. Also this is not the complete catalog , we can expect more additions come launch
  2. Rdr2, celeste., for honor, Hollow knight, dead cells ,soul caibur, GOTG Knack, southpark, uncharted . Good mix of indie +AAA,, Hopeful for future 😍😍
  3. Mafia 4 looks like a breath of fresh air, it would be cool if they can transition back and forth from sicily to the US
  4. Anyone watched nightmare alley So wanted to watch it in theater but couldnt Watched Strange 2 last night, id say good standalone drama, very tight script No padding, no cringe humour also not very complicated amd confusing Plot was intereating and pacing was spot on Raimi on the bulls eye
  5. https://thedirect.com/gaming/star-wars-jedi-fallen-order-2-release-date-window-evidence
  6. Boht bdiya no starfield and cyberpunk also tatti RPG k naam par dont even have next gen witcher 3 Dont care much about ragnarok But if callisto and hogwarts also get delayed then its officially gonna be indie and fromsoft year 2nd playthrough of kingdom come and RdR2 incoming About the rhetoric that pandemic has affected efficiency. Many IT firms have reported an increase in productivity due to WfH Also how come pandemic didnt affect modders and indie devs They sure are having a golden time right now Recently SWBF2 released 30 new heroes for PC including characters from the mandalorian
  7. I just hope the catalogue on extra plan is decent enough, dont mind shuffling up games periodically There only like 1 or2 games per year that i get day one , for this year ots gonna be hogwarts and maybe starfield or callisto
  8. Is there any way to get hands on weird west disc for ps
  9. First half of the main campaign is very engaging and fresh I never got to complete the game however, overall its one of the more memorable fps rpgs and certainly one of the best in space genre
  10. I actually love kotor 2 more Manily cause of Kreia, what a masterpiece of a character Visas, nihilus, sion , aton, atris all the other chrs. Plus the amalgamation of all the factions into one engaging storyline was nailed perfectly
  11. Never had any issues with dualshock amd xbox one controllers And that was during college days when we used to play FIFA day and night sharing controllers
  12. Tsushima, Demons souls , BB kaise bhool gye aap 😋
  13. Can never get over the chills i got when played MP1 back as a 10 yr old Hands down One of the four pillars of why i fell in love with video games They have to keep Sams face .. Next stop Roscoe street station MP2 hands down masterpiece in level design , all the apartment windows ledge sequences, fun house, clown friend. Defending mona, fire sequence Thnk you mona for the shower scene ,ruining my childhood Yes the past is a gaping hole
  14. Left analog started drifting a month back, took it to a local repair shop Reason was dust buildup, got it cleaned and now is working flawlessly again
  15. Havnt heard of ever, but seems very intriguing, bookmarking it now 😋😎
  16. Ps now catalogue keeps changing periodically , i hope the same happens with extra tier If thats the case one wont have to buy indie games like little nightmares or inside, even cuphead Even surprise gems like GOTG, Lego skywalker saga, fallen order will show up 6 months/ 1 year down the line Totally going for the extra tier
  17. Chris goes full zen mode there Big W for him Wills ego - extension to his partner triggers him to act rashly, Not a sign of healthy realtionship Assault on a public forum warrants criminal charges
  18. Daaamn that confringo shout If they nail spell casting its gonna be so dope
  19. Damn good shout bro I never got to watch it due to everyone ripping on it back then Now im ready to give it a go. Especially after batman
  20. This. I tried, spoke with them twice bro Lets see what happens They said they are not testing it as a minor scratch is visible lolx I mean cmon bruh. Almost Every pre owned disc we buy from these sites has a small scratch if you look hard enough This is just dissapointing 😅
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