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  1. Only applied Craftsman lol. Yeah will open at loss. I also got CAMS it opened at 10% profit at 1400. Now the share is 1900 in a few months.
  2. Remove all plastic film or it will damage the OLED tv.
  3. Oh god I have been playing Mafia again and it's so good.
  4. yeah my demons souls froze but not ps5 had to restart console and put disc again
  5. Consoles are subsidised heavily due to mass production. I mean 1TB standalone Xbox SSD should cost 15k but in India taxes and sh*t. Even if we import it will be 26k.
  6. Yeah that's honestly expected. I am just going to disable it and maybe use it on God of War like games. Hell no to multiplayer.
  7. Honestly, gaming items are pretty cheap in Dubai wholesale market compared to inflated Indian prices. I can buy a controller for less than market price.
  8. Lol my elite still works and I used it too much on Gears 5 multiplayer. Sticks are worn but they can be replaced, there's an extra one in the box if I'm not mistaken. The RB button is f**ked though. I went through 5 DS4 controllers in 7 years. Two of them broke because they fell down and screwed themselves or they would have worked longer. One I threw in rage For Xbox One, I am still using the original controllers. Three in total (Xbox One + Xbox One X) and Elite. So yeah, Xbox controller is built like a tank.
  9. Storage expansion lightning deal now 1k discount gogogogogo
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