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  1. Meh. Wanted a better card where it shows plat trophies earned
  2. Got the game. Steelbook looks nice The name illuminates upon exposure to light. Will start the game tomorrow
  3. Congrats! Any link from where I can get the uc4 spl ed?
  4. Love the art style. Handling too seems to be better now. Waiting for the reviews now. Will get it during Xmas time.
  5. Update : i contacted GTS and they confirmed that i will be getting the steelbook edition as i had ordered earlier. Offer was limited , so currently steelbooks are OOS.
  6. Oh ok ok. Never got to plat the first one. Will do this one at least this time
  7. Congrats!! Hope it was a fun platinum and not a chore to do so? cos many platinums are just sheer frustrating to get bc.
  8. Ya has that Sigma vibes as well....will be awesome
  9. That voice acting. Damn . So good!
  10. Ya nothing great as of now. Hope its better after official launch
  11. I got 5g connectivity on Airtel while travelling past majestic area in Bangalore. 100mbps. A bit Underwhelming
  12. Oh then i guess it's a GTS exclusive offer. better to ask local vendors ....maybe they may get a few
  13. I ordered when it said steelbook edition was available but the order email doesn't mention steelbook anywhere lol. Bc now i need to ask them Maybe try asking ppgc / e2z
  14. Wow, two seasons so quick? That’s Awesome! but ya it’s a must watch for those like Sci-fi series. definitely binge worthy!
  15. Day2: England - Iran: 2-0 Senegal - Netherlands: 1-3 USA - Wales: 1-2
  16. Awesome! How long you took to plat after completing story mode?
  17. Yup it's builds up and gets so much better after the first few episodes. Such a good series. House Don't think the medical professionals like it though as it over exaggerates the entire process. But in general for us non medical people it's so good
  18. Have a bit of patience with season 1 cos you may feel that it’s a bit slow at the start….like breaking bad but it picks up at an extremely rapid pace after season 1. For me, it’s one of the best sci-fi series I’ve watched till date.
  19. The Expanse . It’s on prime. Best damn Sci fi show
  20. This late? Yikes that’s bad. I got it Saturday morning but didn’t get the mug as well. Said he’ll send it separately to me as well. Blasphemy He’s going to lose so many customers due to such things bc
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