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  1. How to get these? Anyone here got them?
  2. New challenges are so much better. Should pop the 2x exp and complete them.
  3. Assign a static IP and put that IP in DMZ. Else you can try port forwarding. I faced this issue during the 360PS3 days.
  4. Gave in and bought the Battle Pass
  5. I was unable to complete a challenge where I have to save an ally from far 3 times. I was able to do it twice. Tried a lot and had to swap the challenge. The new challenge asks me to highjack 3 vehicles after grapple. I kept playing BTB and did it twice yesterday. I played for an hour or so in the morning today and grappled a Banshee and hijacked it and the game didn't count it This is so annoying. That's the last challenge left in the weekly challenges
  6. I am down to the last 3 challenges for the week. Didn't play a lot too. Only couple of hours during the weekend and a bit today.
  7. I swapped the challenge and then got that map
  8. Where does the Wasp spawn in each map?
  9. It was indeed good fun except when you spawn with 2 side arms 😂
  10. I was about to buy it but held back to wait until they tweak it after the feedback. Didn’t want to encourage them to continue with the current one.
  11. Anyone bought the Battle Pass?
  12. I think 343 announced that it will be free if you just login during 23rd - 29th event.
  13. Noob question: How to acquire and equip that free gold visor?
  14. @Assassins Creed Add me up to the Xbox group please.
  15. Is the Halo Infinite Elite controller available in India?
  16. I didn't read the Battle Pass name and was thinking these guys just re-used all the Reach assets in their very first battle pass
  17. And about the Battle Pass, I am sure they will tweak it based on the feedback. The objective of live ops is to make money, but not by pissing off the player base.
  18. Did radical join you guys? He was waiting for the mp to come on PC so that he can play with you all.
  19. R a g h u

    Elden Ring

    Sunday 00:30 and 16:30 IST Monday 8:30 IST
  20. R a g h u

    Elden Ring

    Chests, killing bosses I think.
  21. R a g h u

    Elden Ring

    Thanks a lot. Can you PM me the code please?
  22. R a g h u

    Elden Ring

    How does the invite for the network test work? Did they send a code or is it tied to the email used for registration? If it’s a code and anyone who got one are not using it, please give it to me 😊
  23. R a g h u

    Elden Ring

    Did not get selected
  24. I would have joined. But currently at my hometown in Andhra. Next time.
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