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  1. itching to post something about Camphor and Hanky
  2. Condensed and Expanded views are now fixed. No more random spoilers when looking for most recent posts
  3. Keano


    and the well did not even have a mini boss in it iirc I just got lucky with their gymnastic dives in one attempt and managed to kill one.
  4. Congrats @gmanu555 I never had the CPU sit on top of my desk till now, always goes under the table.
  5. if your laptop has both hdmi port and display port - you should be able to extend it using cables provided your monitors also have those ports. A friend of mine uses this instead of a docking station.
  6. I dont think it is the only option. Suggest that as I have one in my setup and I only have that because I got it reimbursed. lesser amount of cables and easy to connect and disconnect the laptop.
  7. considered any compatible laptop docking stations?
  8. This has been on my steam wish list for a while. Only interested in the Single player campaign, and with Halo 3 being added to the collection - debating whether to buy or wait.
  9. often used to buy as a gift for kids instead of giving them the CC details. I blame v-bucks
  10. I dig the Ikea display case. Have two of them for my amiibo collection
  11. this gen cloud powah, next gen will be all about TF powah
  12. Keano

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    glad i preordered before the price changes in AR
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