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  1. I think most of them would start coming on Netflix or other OTT going forward, like The Irishman.
  2. Superman, originally was created by a couple of high school kids.
  3. There's a season 4 already ? I stopped after season 1, how are the later seasons ?
  4. The only malyalam movie I've seen is drishyam. Any suggestions that are avilable on prime video ? Drishyam, i watched with subtitles, but, best if there's a voice dubbed version in Hindi/Telugu/kannada available.
  5. That applies to many of the recent Salman Khan/Ajay Devgan/tiger Shroff/akshay kumar movies too. Considering thst many of the recent Bollywood movies are/were just remakes of South flicks, extrapolate to include those Bollywood movies too (most recent being bachhan Pandey- remake of some South flick whose name i forgot) !! If you open up your mind instead of being the proverbial frog in the well, you'll realise there are many good movies made across India, and many of them are outside of Bollywood !!
  6. Nah man, like i said haven't been to a shopping mall or cinema in almost 2 years, only movies I've seen in this period are the ones on OTT.
  7. Woah, didn't know about this at all.... Looks like tech has come full circle, from driving/acting in front of recorded footage-> actual location -> green screen-> recorded footage albeit far more advanced ! Will be interesting to see what Sony does with this tech going forward !!
  8. I don't know if it'll be good or bad, as long as i don't get bored and get to sit in ac for 3 hours, munching popcorn, I'm happy. I mean it's 2.5 years man, since i went to an actual theater to watch a movie ! All those artistic movies, i can watch on ott, need some maseledar action thriller movie for theater viewing ....
  9. Yeah, looks like fortnite really made their day. I don't hear talk of unity game engine in this gen, it was quite popular with the indie crowd in the last gen. UE 5 seems to be the flavour of this gen, for now. But sadly it's not well optimised for pc yet : https://www.notebookcheck.net/Unreal-Engine-5-not-optimized-enough-for-PC-Matrix-Awakens-demo-only-hits-30-50-fps-1440p-and-is-stuttery-on-an-Nvidia-RTX-3090.612680.0.html
  10. Gamepass is the only reason why i let go of buying ps5 twice now.... I play on pc gamepass, and in comparison, paying 5k for a game, no matter how good, just doesn't work for me. It also helps that most first party ps titles eventually are releasing on pc and most third party ps5 exclusive games like forsaken/ghostwire tokyo are releasing on pc too. Best gen for pc gamer I think (if you've the time to play all those games that is !!)
  11. Remember reading somewhere, they made/make billions of $$ from fortnite, no wonder they sued Apple/Google, when they banned it for introducing its own payment system or something like that. I think the whole ue5/game engine royalty business is like a side project for them, in comparison, revenue wise !!
  12. It's all about presentation, the script/sequences may be similar, but the way you show to the audience makes all the difference !
  13. Don't expect much logic in the fights etc., leave your brains behind and just watch it for what it is, kinda like a summer blockbuster/mass entertainer movie. Atleast i need a good entertaining movie to watch on the big screen since it's been almost 2.5 years since i went to theaters. After that new James bond snoozefest of a movie - no time to die, I'm a little skeptical of watching a Hollywood movie in theater. Only James bond film where i drifted off twice in between !!
  14. So, anyone set for kgf: chapter 2 over the weekend ? I guess it would be a good family outing movie (movie+shopping+dinner) in a mall to escape the heat, but looking at the hype, I think tickets would be hard to come by !!
  15. So, saw this movie called 'sharmaji namkeen' on prime video. Wanted to watch something decent with my mom and well the movie didn't disappoint. But the best part of the movie is the food, which is mouth watering .... Rishi Kapoor/paresh Rawal play the role of Sharma who's a retired employee leading a boring life whose life suddenly changes when a friend refers him as a caterer for a local kitty party. The movie is funny in parts, but again, the cooking/food they show is so yummy. I'm a vegetarian, so couldn't relate to the non-veg/chicken dishes shown, but the chaats/other veg stuff he makes look so good. Any foodie, who has watched the movie can tell me the names of the dishes/point me to the recipes ?
  16. How much did this cost and how big is the soundbar ??
  17. How did this thread turn from movies discussion to hairloss discussion
  18. It's based on the books by Michael Connelly, i think each season is a mish mash of some 2-3 books.
  19. Completed series finale of 'Bosch' on prime video yesterday, and man, what a series it was. Truly one of a kind these days. No sophisticated labs with beakers of fumes, no clever IT nerds who are able to place together impossible pieces in a jiffy, no jingoistic heroes etc. It's a hard boiled police procedural drama and if it was any more realistic, it would be a documentary i guess. The cops here are not brilliant/handsome intellectuals, but troubled/defective human beings with their own personal problems who wade through the labyrinth of politics/bureucracy to get their job done. Having said all the above, i would say it's not for everybody. Each season has multiple storylines ongoing in parallel and sometimes the viewer might feel a bit put off with the slow pace and the multitude of characters the show throws at the viewer. It's more for fans of shows like the wire / line of duty where procedures take precedence over drama.
  20. Ne0

    Far Cry 6

    It's boring alright, some of the initial quests seems quite similar to farcry 5. The supremo seems like a fun game play mechanism, but i think it'll become another grinding loop, since parts needs to be collected for upgrades. I don't understand why ubi is stuck with this same style of gameplay since farcry 3.
  21. Ne0

    Far Cry 6

    It's boring alright, some of the initial quests seems quite similar to farcry 5. The supremo seems like a fun game play mechanism, but i think it'll become another grinding loop, since parts needs to be collected for upgrades. I don't understand why ubi is stuck with this same style of gameplay since farcry 3.
  22. Ne0

    Far Cry 6

    Downloaded from uplay for the weekend thanks to this offer. The game is so pretty, just gives you the same vibes as the first facrcry game when Dani wakes up in that Island. I've maxed out everything at 1440p and it still runs at a stable 60fps. Most of the times, i just watch the beautiful scenery forgetting about the quests at hand. Now the boring part, the quests are more or less the same, liberate outposts, collect parts to upgrade, meet some dude at some place and so on. I can already see it becoming another facrcry 5 in a few hours. I think I'll play as long as the offer lasts and leave it at that.
  23. Your initial comment was that the movie is made to spread hate, hence my comparison with similar movies like Schindler's list which focused on other dark events of history. Also instead of calling for cancelling/ banning movies, shouldn't the focus be on asking for public safety ?
  24. I haven't seen this movie yet, but I don't get this logic. Was anything shown in the movie false ? If not, when ppl lap up movies like Schindler's list or the pianist and award them why hate on movies made from India which are mostly of similar kind ? Did Spielberg create Schindler list so that the world can hate on Germans ? He made a movie based on an event in history, similarly some guys in India made a movie on an event from Indian history.
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