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22 hours ago, Joe Cool said:




A team that didn't win La Liga or Copa Del Rey will win the Supercopa far away from Spain. Joke of a cup. 


Damn. I thought they were playing copa del ray abroad. Supercopa haha, some next level $$$ making exercise. Like they dont play enough football already. 

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What a match. :panic:


Sergio Agüero has scored more hat-tricks than any other player in Premier League history (12), overtaking Alan Shearer. 

David Silva has now assisted 21 of Sergio Agüero's Premier League goals - only Frank Lampard (24 for Didier Drogba) has set up a teammate more in the competition's history

Sergio Agüero is now the outright fifth-highest scoring player in Premier League history, and has scored more goals than any overseas player:

  1. Alan Shearer - 260
  2. Wayne Rooney - 208
  3. Andrew Cole - 187
  4. Frank Lampard - 177
  5. Sergio Agüero - 176
  6. Thierry Henry - 175

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10 hours ago, Joe Cool said:

Meanwhile United lost to Burnley at home...🙂


Doesn't even matter anymore.. Fans have gotten used to it now..
The club's target & mentality is just achieving that 6th position


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