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I think they blew their entire PS+ budget for the year when they gave ff7 remake (AWESOME) if that's how it works. I mean except hitman 2 (which was OK) there has been ultimate crap on PS+ since ff7. Hoping they will give GTAV with GTAO in Nov or Dec. I personally haven't had the heart to pick it up because there r better games I'm yet to play but I still want to eventually play it and it would be nice to get it on PS+. Would have been a little more than not excited for MKX (its ok - playable) if it wasn't on the PS+ collection cause even tho I don't have a PS5, ik I'm eventually getting 1 asap.

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Since PS5 launch (apart from the PlusCollection) 




Shadow of war

Just Cause 4


Control UE

FF7 Remake 

Shadow of TR

Days Gone

Battlefield V

Horizon ZD

A Plague Tale


Hitman 2 


That’s quite a lot of new & old AAA games & they are for yours to keep forever,no hurry to plug & play on priority 



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49 minutes ago, Horizon Days Dawn said:

Oh, rt. Days Gone. I forgot I got it from PS+. I enjoyed that more than ff7. Still that was a march title iirc and here we r in October and all the good games we got is hitman, which is eh.

A Plague Tale is quite a good game 

you should try it,I tried the first mission & then left it to be played on PS5 at 60fps 


I feel kinda sad that I missed games like Shadow of War,Tomb Raider & Control UE 


Quite a few good games i’d say they have been giving since PS5 launch, totally worth the money. 

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Just now, Horizon Days Dawn said:

Sadly, I can't. Until i get a PS5 at least. The title was only released for PS5. I claimed it from PC but can't play it yet.

I claimed it from PC too but it’s available for me to play on PS4 aswell 


I think I claimed both the versions though.

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15 minutes ago, Horizon Days Dawn said:

No I don't think it was released for PS4. I'm pretty sure it was released as a PS5 only title.

Yes it was 

I have it in my library as we speak


It was not announced though

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18 minutes ago, Assassins Creed said:


Zodka was saying he added too but could only get PS4 version now..  If you added both versions, good!

To be honest there is no separate PS5 SKU on the store 


It’s just one SKU which entitles you to both version if you have it in your library. 

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3 hours ago, Horizon Days Dawn said:

Did u have to claim it separately for both? I checked and double checked. I have it on PS5 and not on PS4. I probably didn't claim it separately on both so don't have it. Anyway. Will play on PS5 if and when I get it.


Same bro, i also checked and double checked, for ps4, i only had the trial version for free.

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