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IVG Podcast 54: Bethesda boosts Xbox, Sony India silent on PS5, Xbox Series X sold out

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IVG Podcast 54: Bethesda boosts Xbox, Sony India silent on PS5, Xbox Series X sold out

Another event full week in gaming, both in India and globally, and we're here to talk about it all in episode 54 of the IVG Podcast.


Before we get to the topics for this week, we’d like to give a big shout out to AMD for hooking us up with the PC gaming rig that we’ll be using for streams and reviews going forward on IVG. Here’s a quick round up of this week's episode:


  • Updates on month 3 of the IVG Showcase and our FIFA 20 Farewell Cup
  • What Microsoft’s $7.5 billion power move means for Bethesda’s franchises, Game Pass, Xbox console sales and PlayStation gamers
  • Xbox Series X preorders sold out within minutes in India but you might still be able to get one
  • Does Microsoft’s push towards Game Pass endanger single-player games?
  • Sony India remains silent on PS5 launch plans, and retailers aren’t helping matters either
  • Amazon Luna and what it’s doing differently from its potential game streaming rivals
  • Our impressions on Mafia Definition Edition, PES 2021, Serious Sam 4 and The Division 2's new Summit mode



You can listen and subscribe to the IVG Podcast on the podcast platform of your choice. More details here.


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Why are we still paying for multiplayer on consoles and should it now be free?


I mean in the earlier gen one was free and one was behind a paywall so the justification was the paid one was a better experience. Considering now there's cross play with PC on some titles the safe garden crap goes out of the window too so what exactly is everyone paying for?

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5 hours ago, HundredProofSam said:

Hey guys, we're recording a new podcast in a bit. If you have any questions, post them here and we'll try and answer them for you guys.

I'm not able to keep up since I have a sh*t ton of work these days. So apologies if it's already covered. 

Could you guys talk about the increased prices in India of PS5 games. Where basically a $50 game costs same as $60 game and full games are now expected to cost 5k and how it could impact the market in India. 

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