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  1. When I saw this leaked footage last year, I just wished it doesn't get canned. The gameplay looked so immersive. And here we are. So excited for this game!
  2. +1 I have tried it with PS4 controller and the 8Bitdo Sn30 Pro+, both of which work without any issues. You need to fiddle around with the mode for the 8Bitdo controller. Not all modes work natively. The controller itself though is soooo satisfying to use.
  3. Yes, logically it makes sense that developers give more importance to the machine that provides the widest audience reach. If that's XSS, so be it. If its XSX or PS5, that's good too. Why I think its not going to "hold back the generation" is because PS got its amazing lineup of exclusives by in-house teams and 3rd parties. So, all those wanting "next-gen" should expect and hopefully receive plenty from PS5. Those developers are not "tied down". So, its all good. This is the whole point of a competition. Different suppliers trying to identify needs and coming up with solutions which they think will address it.
  4. Maybe its disappointment, turned into anger and hate. When something you are passionate about doesn't meet your expectations that seems to be the normal reaction. I remember when my 360 RRODed. Was mad as hell. Then my PS3 YLODed and my universe felt to be back in balance Its all cool. We all want good games and entertainment for our hard-earned money.
  5. WhatsInTheName


    With this trailer the game's starting to give Bayonetta vibes. Always a good thing.
  6. Haha, yes brother, you have made it amply clear that you and many more care about the "generational leap" of the top of the line consoles. It truly is a frustrating situation. In fact, I also felt that the games showcased till now by Xbox and PS do not "look" substantially ahead of current gen gems like TLOU2, GOW etc. I bet Series S is holding them back real tight. Its ok. I have high hopes that we will overcome it. The developers will come around too. They just people after all. Everyone complains about something and then eventually goes back to work. In a couple of years when everyone is on Gamepass, this will all be nothing but a bad dream. Till then we will let only those people pay attention to the Series S who want to game but have only a $299 or a $25/month in their budget.
  7. My wife really enjoyed kicking my butt in non-gory fighting games like Dead or Alive, Street Fighter and Virtua Fighter. For co-op experiences, board games are fun. Games like Carcassonne on Xbox can keep you engaged for hours. For a back-seat gaming experience, when you want to play and she wants to watch something entertaining, you cant go wrong with any of the Naughty Dog or Quantic Dream games. All the best!
  8. Lot of people seem pissed at Series S only because it is being sold as a "next gen" machine by MS. If you ignore the MS media hype, and look at it as a minor console refresh, it is a good deal. For a consumer who wants to try out gaming to pass time with friends, or alone, this is an undeniable stepping stone. Avg consumer dont care for tflops. They care about the games their friends are playing or what are they getting, seemingly, for free. And at $25/month, 100 games and online gaming dont sound bad at all. In fact, it has the same price as One S, but is better than One S in every aspect (except the disk space and optical drive, of course). I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out that they had analysed the usage pattern of XOne All Digital owners and seen a spike in game pass subscriptions which convinced them of this pricing and positioning strategy. India pricing of the Series S, on the other hand, is batsh**t crazy. How could One S cost $299 in the US and 24K in India just before the Series S leak (I think I even saw some listings at 21K a few months back), but Series S is 35K for the same 299 price tag.
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