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  1. and now his body is buried under the newly constructed local police station? i think as long as you use the original packing, you should be fine with bringing it in through a tempo also.
  2. APML broke mine. Mistakes that I made: 1. Didn't use the original TV box for transport, which can withstand a lot more abuse. 2. Didn't insure the TV at its full cost 3. Didn't check the TV until 7 days after APML delivery I have heard some other peeps having good experience with APML, though that's why I had chosen them in the first place.
  3. Saw Darlings on Netflix earlier this week. Easily 9/10. Very Tarantino-esque with the main draw coming more from moment-to-moment, screenplay level pieces than the overall story arc. And Alia Bhatt's performance was a revelation. Simply exceptional!
  4. Yeah i had good experience with Toshiba too in the past. Not like Philips level of the good old days, but best among the mid-ranger TVs. Btw, consoles require branded vrr support (freesync gsync) or anything with the words VRR will work?
  5. I'm on the verge of buying M1 Mac mini. How easily can it handle Fuji raw files? You have z6 also right? Raw from those would be huge too, innit?
  6. dammit. Just when I am looking for reasons to avoid buying anything
  7. cool, will check. How much hardware these editors require anyways? I have a simple i3 laptop setup now. But I remember Photoshop would make even my old gaming laptop's fans to just kick in.
  8. I dont do advanced editing. Just play around with color and exposure. I used to experiment on the C1 express, but now a lot of it happens on Snapseed I know, blasphemy. Edit: and honestly, I dont even feel like messing too much with Fuji colors. 90% of my pics are just sooc Acros or Chrome. #acrosisbae
  9. yeah, naah. no layers/masking etc in Express version.
  10. @Bird Bird Bird CaptureOne has a free version for Fuji files. Its pretty intuitive and has tons of beginner-friendly, yet powerful, features.
  11. It's pretty good. Pros: Blacks are deep. Contrast is great. Dolby vision looks excellent - better than HDR via the native app. I have the TV connected via Ethernet cable @100 mbps and Netflix, Prime video and Hotstar are as clear as running off of a Bluray player. PS5 games look amazing. No screen judder or anything. Cons: Screen as reflective as OLEDs, so you need dark room to watch. Remote is crap. Just saw the price on Amazon - 49k before discounts. I bought mine at 55k 3 months ago and still think it was a great price for this TV. At 49k, it's a steal. A no brainer at this price point. It's the best panel this side of 1L rupees. PS: no 120 hz or VRR if that's in your purchasing criteria. But then, no TV under 50k has those 2 features afaik.
  12. One+ cameras are above avg. But for someone who's buying criteria is camera, like bhpian mentioned, i would suggest looking at least at Pixel range. 4A is also great if available in cheap cost. But as I clarified, I'm assuming that he wants only new model. 4A is very good if old phone is not a problem. Those are phones with decent cameras. They'll get job done in good lighting conditions. For someone who wants to buy phone mainly for cameras, those won't satisfy.
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