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  1. get a 27" monitor "for work" and set it up on a desk in some other room where no one should disturb you because you are "working"
  2. hmmm. So Nintendo is left handed. that explains it.
  3. 1. GOTG 2. RnC Rift Apart 3. Forza Horizon 5
  4. I should've waited till finishing GOTG to vote. What a game. Much more fun for me than my current vote Ratchet and Clank. @WhiteWolf how to change my vote?
  5. Day one is the real scam. 3.5K down the drain and not even 1 hour played
  6. Excellent! Every company should do this. Would really help digital buyers.
  7. wait how can the do that? Peeps would have spent extra in getting C1 for features like that and now they will just add it to the cheaper model?
  8. Besst. Started playing this last week and for a game with such confusing trailers and previews, it is instantly gripping. And DS features implementation is ..... intricate to the point of being simply delightful.
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