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  1. Here's something else in the baffling space - even supposedly established players like Voot, backed by big conglomerates, having enough money to pay 25K crores for IPL streaming rights dont have infrastructure to stream above 480P
  2. Noice. And 25k is such a sweet spot pricing for XSS. MS should've launched it at that.
  3. Wow. I'm impressed. I mean imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And you can't go too wrong when getting "inspiration" from the best 3rd Person action combat ever created. But the setting is looking just original enough to stand on its own. Hope it turns out to be one of those sleeper his.
  4. You can't troll the Master of trolling himself.
  5. Say what you will but the biopics casting and transformation in hollywood movies is so on point. It becomes really hard to imagine anyone else playing the role.
  6. That's actually a very good point
  7. I liked this extended showcase thingy. Twas interesting to see the developers talk about their games, the development process etc. Also, skip to 1:20:28 to check out Justin Roiland and team talk about High on Life. So excited for this game. Rick and Morty fans are gonna love it They also had a hilarious "commercial" in some other video with extended footage of the last scene of the trailer. Can't find it now.
  8. some really intense stuff being shared by Stalker developers. insane.
  9. the only unresolved question is - who gets them when you die? Can they be part of the will?
  10. I just hope they have the pipeline properly planned. Dont want to peak into mid-gen and then again lose steam cause their studios are taking more time than the industry at large. Of course, this is from internal studios perspective. It can all be regarded a moot point from financial perspective once the annual cash cow that is Cod starts to lactate from next year.
  11. why dont you do that instead of playing video games
  12. Yup. It's high time that MS runs a tight ship on delivery. Barter with studios creative freedom for delivery timelines
  13. we are in June and if that first row of 2023 materializes within target date, we are looking at a jam packed first half. Diablo 4, Starfield, Redfall, Forza - all within 6 months. Add RE4 (March 2023) and Sony's next year lineup in the mix, and 2023 starts to feel like a crazy beast for gaming overall.
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