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  1. what framerate you getting?
  2. Excellent! Every company should do this. Would really help digital buyers.
  3. wait how can the do that? Peeps would have spent extra in getting C1 for features like that and now they will just add it to the cheaper model?
  4. Besst. Started playing this last week and for a game with such confusing trailers and previews, it is instantly gripping. And DS features implementation is ..... intricate to the point of being simply delightful.
  5. Quick Resume is one feature which doesn't even need marketing. There is something just blissful about getting into a game you played 10 days ago in an instant at the exact same point. Another feature which Xbox marketed a lot and was, to be fair, a bit gimmicky - "Smart Delivery". But, then Sony came to the rescue and with its convoluted "upgrade path" antics turned Smart Delivery into something worth talking about.
  6. fixed. nevertheless, this is incredible stuff. might end up buying the 500 GB version if it drops below 6K during sale.
  7. ok ok. Same performance, is it? thats good news then!
  8. This is 5 GBPS read. Didn't they say minimum 5.5 GBPS?
  9. lol. that was literally my first death. felt like an a*s.
  10. yupp. Dualsense is amazing. The larger dimensions also help a lot. If only they release a version with thumbstick placement like xbox, it would be the best of both worlds.
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