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FIFA22: IVG Football League


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FIFA22 IVG Football League [IFL]


This one is a league tournament. The details of the tourney are as follows:


Each participant must be aware of all the rules listed below. Insufficient knowledge of the rules cannot be used as an excuse for breaking them.


The entire tournament is based on fair play practised by the participants because not everything can be regulated by the OC.


PRIZE: ₹2,000. Sponsored by Sanwal Memon.

Winner = ₹1,500.

Runner-up = ₹500.




1. General:

1.1 Open only for IVG members.

1.2 Dates: 25 July 2022 - 25 Sep 2022. However, these dates will only be finalised after the final number of participants is known.

1.3 Game: FIFA22.

1.4 Platform: PS5.

1.5 Number of participants: 12ish


2. Tournament rules:

2.1 Team star rating: 4-star teams - only actual club/country teams allowed. Special/fantasy teams, such as All Star XI, World XI, World Soccer Aid XI and MLS XI, are NOT allowed.

2.2 Format: It is a league tournament. Every player plays 2 games against each opponent (1 home and 1 away). Fixtures for every week will be made before the start of tourney. Players must play that 1 fixture (2 matches) within that week but they are free to play as many matches in advance as they wish (if someone plays all their matches in 2 weeks, no problems with that).

2.3 Ideally, both players should host 1 match each. So, be prepared to play with lag in your away match. However, in case of a connection difficulty, host of a match can be decided mutually by both players.

2.4 Basic football points system applies to the league (W = 3, D = 1, and L = 0).

2.5 Tiebreaker:

1) Points

2) Goal difference

3) Goals scored

4) Head-to-head points

5) Clean sheets

6) Play-off match


3. Registration:

3.1 To register, please provide your details in following format:

     A. Name: Bharat Kumar

     B. PSN ID: bharat_SS

     C. Team: Team name (4-star club team)

3.2 Submit your team’s name as well. A player must use the same team throughout the tournament.

3.3 Registrations are open until 23:59 on 21 July 2022.

3.4 One team CANNOT be chosen by multiple players. Please don’t pick a team that’s already been taken by someone else before you.


4. Match settings:

4.1 Game speed: Normal

4.2 Squads: Online Squads

4.3 Half length: 6 Minutes

4.4 Defending settings: Tactical Defending


5. Match playing and result/score reporting:

5.1 Players are required to play with the PSN ID they have specified at the time of registration.

5.2 Matches need to be completed within the days mentioned. Start time is 00:00 on 25 July 2022 and end time is 08:00 on 26 Sep 2022. Any results posted after this deadline will NOT count.

5.3 Every player must play all their games, failing to do so may result in warning/ban from the tournaments organised by the OC.

5.4 Players are free to communicate through any medium (IVG/PSN/WhatsApp) with mutual agreement. From the past experience, we have realised that WhatsApp is the best medium to set up a match timing. We will make a group on WhatsApp.

5.5 It is important that both players post the scores on the same day after finishing the game in the tournament thread.

5.6 If possible, please play both games against an opponent on the same day. You two may not be able to come online at the same time again.

5.7 League table will be updated from time to time. You must keep track of your W-D-L and GF-GA stats. In case, I make a mistake it might cost a player a few places in the standings.


6. Lag related rules:

6.1 As we know, lag is integral part of online gaming, there will be lag in almost every match so be prepared to play in lag if it appears. But, if there's an unplayable lag (and not just the normal lag) in a match, players can restart their match with mutual agreement. Try to change the host, it might help. Please be aware if your opponent has scored a goal in the meantime it will stand. For example, player A is facing lag while playing against player B. Player B has the possession and player A presses pause button the game will only stop after a foul/ball goes out of play. If player B scores a goal in the meantime, in the next game player A should give player B his one goal advantage back by scoring an own goal then play the rest of the match normally. But, and it's a big but, it is advised to all players if you have the possession in the early stages of a match and opponent presses the pause button, like in first in-game 10 minutes, please pause the match & wait (remember fair-play?) and if you don't receive any message from opponent regarding lag, just play normally after the pause times out completely. I know it's quite a long point but it has to be explained to avoid any conflict/dispute arising later on.

6.2 If a disconnection happens, consider every match as 93-minute long (it includes the 3 minutes of the injury time also) please play the remaining minutes in the next game. For example, if a DC happens at 62' in a game. You should play 31 minutes (93'-62' = 31') in the supplementary game. The first 31 minutes will count. There's no need to play the entire duration of the supplementary game. It is important to understand this point, and I hope it's clear to everyone.


7. Discipline rules:

7.1 We take the discipline very seriously. Guilty may be disqualified and/or banned from the future tourneys hosted by the OC.

7.2 Please play fair and be nice to your fellow IVG members.

7.3 Last man sliding tackle from behind is NOT allowed in our tourneys.

7.4 Decision of the OC will be final.

7.5 Some OC members may not be present actively here in the thread but they will be around if a situation/dispute arises.

7.6 Abusing, bullying and/or threats against the other players are not tolerated.

7.7 Basically, nothing bad is tolerated.


Message from the OC (Dan, Azaan, Surya and Bharat):

All the best to all participants from us. 


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Player Name--------------[PSN ID] ---------------------Team Name

1. Polash Das--------------[VelivolusDas]---------------- Wolves

2. Vaibhav Arora-----------[vaibhsarora]-----------------Monaco

3. Sudhir Senthilvel--------[brokenblissx]----------------Wolfsburg

4. Bharat Kumar-----------[bharat_SS]-------------------Benfica

5. Kruzzo------------------[Stergent1]-------------------Newcastle United

6. Sanwal Memon---------[SanwalCr9]------------------Olympique de Marseille

7. Nathan------------------[Nathan_ulags]---------------LOSC Lille

8. Sarwaan Memon--------[SarwaanM-]-----------------Everton 

9. Mrinal Rishiraj-----------[MadridistaLove]-------------Leeds United

10. Mohammed Hussain---[whosane3450]---------------Crystal Palace

11. Ashish Rawat-----------[maxzerr4]-------------------Boca Juniors

12. Aditya Bakshi----------[SNI_FUNanywhere]-----------Leeds United


List of 4-star teams:

Boca Juniors
River Plate


Club Brugge


Atletico Mineiro


Aston Villa
Crystal Palace
Leeds United
Newcastle United


LOSC Lille

Olympique de Marseille
Olympique Lyonnais
Stade Rennais







Hellas Verona








Rest of World:

Slavia Praha



Deportivo Alaves





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34 minutes ago, SarwaanM said:

Played Bharat bhai,


Bharat 3-3 Sarwaan

Sarwaan 3-0 Bharat


ggwp bhai :hug:

Well played Sarwaan!


I played with Sanwal as well.

Bharat 3-2 Sanwal

Sanwal 2-1 Bharat



Table update:

League Standings

Results Table



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