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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Shouvanik Shouvanik 11/19/18 Good buyer. Hassle free and patient. Would deal again :) ViCK ViCK
ViCK ViCK 11/19/18 Good packaging, received in perfect condition. Recommended. Shouvanik Shouvanik
edept edept 11/18/18 Excellent communication and prompt payment Auditore Huz Auditore Huz
Auditore Huz Auditore Huz 11/17/18 There's secure packaging and then there's this man's sheer nuclear proofing. Super trustworthy and responsive, items just as described and arrrived quickly. A pleasure all around, thanks! edept edept
Fir3lordZuk0 Fir3lordZuk0 11/17/18 Had a pretty seamless deal with the guy. Recommended. NishantD. NishantD.
NishantD. NishantD. 11/17/18 Game received in good condition. No scratches in disc Fir3lordZuk0 Fir3lordZuk0
PranooY PranooY 11/17/18 Nice and friendly guy to do business with. Highly Recommended. Mysteryman Mysteryman
AtheK AtheK 11/17/18 Amazing, accomodating and friendly guy. Would love to do business with him again. Mysteryman Mysteryman
Pshycho_TXC Pshycho_TXC 11/17/18 Very good buyer, quick payment, will love to deal again. AtheK AtheK
AtheK AtheK 11/17/18 A++++ Seller , thanks for smooth trade . Pshycho_TXC Pshycho_TXC
Jerush Jerush 11/17/18 Very good buyer will deal again. AtheK AtheK
Mysteryman Mysteryman 11/17/18 Very good buyer, would love to deal again. Thanks. AtheK AtheK
arjun_sasuke arjun_sasuke 11/17/18 Very good and understanding buyer. WIll deal again. AtheK AtheK
Playstationdude Playstationdude 11/16/18 Quick deal without wasting time triggr happy ss triggr happy ss
triggr happy ss triggr happy ss 11/16/18 Very prompt shipping. 10/10. Recommended. Playstationdude Playstationdude
isk isk 11/16/18 Received game in good packaging and condition. xeqtor xeqtor
blaze_madking blaze_madking 11/16/18 Great seller, recommended! quixote_1989 quixote_1989
gecko89 gecko89 11/14/18 Excellent guy to deal with. Prompt delivery. Full marks. renjith renjith
codwapeace codwapeace 11/14/18 Very smooth payment, great guy to deal with. A++++ growl_kid growl_kid
renjith renjith 11/14/18 Quick transfer and good communication. Recommended. gecko89 gecko89
growl_kid growl_kid 11/13/18 Great seller. Fast shipping and great packaging codwapeace codwapeace
CodeEvo CodeEvo 11/13/18 Good buyer will deal again. supersudh supersudh
Subhrad Subhrad 11/13/18 Excellent buyer. Fast payment. Will surely recommend. SRahulNayak SRahulNayak
Himanshu55 Himanshu55 11/13/18 Excellent buyer. Fast payment. Will surely recommend. SRahulNayak SRahulNayak
AtheK AtheK 11/13/18 Game works well , thanks. arjun_sasuke arjun_sasuke