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A club for Xbox and PC Game Pass subscribers to discuss games, organise multiplayer sessions and more.
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  2. @Assassins Creed adding him to the XBL ScamPass group.
  3. Hi Members, If you are playing any of the multiplayer games available on Game Pass could you add me to your Friend list or drop me your gamertag so i can add you as friend. if you already have a group of friends and can add me to your group that will be great. I am currently playing Forza Horizon 5 and would love to play this with friends on I have Xbox series S for Racing and role playing games and a laptop for casual FPS gaming and i am open to try any genre. Note- i am a working professional, so i usually get time to play in the evening (8-12 PM) and on weekends only.
  4. Made a new one. As my existing main acc 3yr sub gets over by next june even that could ve been topped up till 32months but seemed like a hassle. so made a new account. anyhow sharing is there to save us.
  5. @ViCK did you do this for new or existing subscription?
  6. Just finished doing this topup xgp till 2024. It works
  7. Ascent up in another 2 hours, Make teams and jump in !
  8. Heyo! Anyone interested in a TF2/G5 session tomorrow?
  9. Yay! In case we don't feel it today, we can switch to some Gears as well.
  10. Will join tomorrow then. Will brush up a bit on HP today.
  11. I haven't played MP with you guys before, can someone add me to whichever group or party which is needed? Will download HP today. Also let me know when we are going to be playing next, need to make time, been really busy with thesis. Tag: KunjanPSD
  12. hello guys, Just subbed to GP ultimate ( on PC Though) Please add me for some MP GT:- adckiller#8749
  13. Are we playing tonight? If yes, any preferences between TF2/G5/H5?
  14. Haven't played the game in a very long time. PS - Abandoned it for Halo 3.
  15. Naator bros will make toasted marshmallows out of us.
  16. +1 If enough people have H5 next time then that otherwise Gears.

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