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  1. Any one had a go at it on Xbox yet?I bought a new cheapo 4K TV to play it, just waiting for the game to get released on gamepass
  2. 5 Days for Singapore is an Overkill IMO. But yep its more catered towards kids and families as compared to any other destinations. Thailand is a good family friendly destination too, particulary north and it tends to be less rainy too. I was there in last september and had a great time
  3. Vietjet service and cabin is lot better than Indigo. I do not know what equipment they fly on Indian leg. But Ive flown their widebody twice from Mel and expereince was great. Their prices for add ons like food, seat selection etc are quite reasonable as well. Which month are u planinng on Vietnam?
  4. Thanks brother but Doctor sir helped me out, am for another decade now
  5. Played the game a few days ago. Berlin level.....WTF?
  6. Daktar saheb, any links for allcdkeys? i am searching and getting lots of different hits. Any input on the website licenseproviders?
  7. Any idea where to locate an MS office key for cheap(and which aint region locked, if at all its a thing)? I was using the one provided by doctor sahab for almost a decade. Just trying to get a new one for new notebook. I do have access to office 365 using my office laptop but just trying to get one for personal device
  8. Surface 4 Also, any one knows a place to buy cheap MS office keys which are not region locked?
  9. Thks mate, i thought of that too, but how do you convert PDF's to Jpeg. I just use snip tool to do it, not really handy for multiple pages
  10. Hey Ppl, Any recommendation for free software/website to edit pdf files? i basically need to copy paste my signature to PDF files for next few weeks. Cant find any app which would let me do it for free, almost every one requires CC details for initial sign up
  11. Hey brother how are u doing. So nice to see u still taking care of the chief, this must have been almost a decade ago. I brought multiple consoles since then, dont game a lot in last few years, just occasionally going thru some game pass games. Have a lot more free time in my hand for next week or so, hence upgraded
  12. Xbox one S Got it today, the controller itself was worth the switch from one s.
  13. Thks bud. the joy stick does look slick. Though this time, i'll be doing it piece by piece. Back in the days, had spent a bomb on Sidwinder Force feedback joystick(which i still have) and MS flight sim 2002 disc. Dont know if I would enjoy getting back into the game so much after all the years
  14. Thks bud <3, might just make the switch tomorrow. I have 10-11 more days on being immobile and being on full bed rest hence trying to make most of it by gaming haha
  15. Awesome. KC is Awesome. Any major difference visually? Does the unlcoking of FPS plays a major difference on a 28' LED monitor?
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