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  1. Thks mate, i thought of that too, but how do you convert PDF's to Jpeg. I just use snip tool to do it, not really handy for multiple pages
  2. Hey Ppl, Any recommendation for free software/website to edit pdf files? i basically need to copy paste my signature to PDF files for next few weeks. Cant find any app which would let me do it for free, almost every one requires CC details for initial sign up
  3. Hey brother how are u doing. So nice to see u still taking care of the chief, this must have been almost a decade ago. I brought multiple consoles since then, dont game a lot in last few years, just occasionally going thru some game pass games. Have a lot more free time in my hand for next week or so, hence upgraded
  4. Xbox one S Got it today, the controller itself was worth the switch from one s.
  5. Thks bud. the joy stick does look slick. Though this time, i'll be doing it piece by piece. Back in the days, had spent a bomb on Sidwinder Force feedback joystick(which i still have) and MS flight sim 2002 disc. Dont know if I would enjoy getting back into the game so much after all the years
  6. Thks bud <3, might just make the switch tomorrow. I have 10-11 more days on being immobile and being on full bed rest hence trying to make most of it by gaming haha
  7. Awesome. KC is Awesome. Any major difference visually? Does the unlcoking of FPS plays a major difference on a 28' LED monitor?
  8. Thinking of upgrading my xbox one s to series s as i am unable to download microsoft flight sim. Just wondering if there is any remarkable difference between the 2 in terms of graphics, loading speed? I play on an average high def monitor, and mainly use the console for xbox game pass and multimedia. The lack of physical Blu ray player is not a factor as i havent brought any physical game in almost 5 years. Any inputs from ppl who made the switch recently would be appreciated
  9. is it worth using the HDD space on game pass for this? reviews suggest its broken
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