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  1. I've tried everything i can, only keeping it out of battery optimization seems to do the trick. The battery drain issue is drastic though, hope they get some kind of fix for it asap.
  2. Any one having pixel 2 here? I am having serious battery drain issues after the February security update. Also Gmail doesn't push mails when battery optimisation is on, it has to be taken out of the optimisation to push mails.
  3. Logged in to the forums after really long time, and greeted by a complete new theme, WTF! :|
  4. I used the phone for some bit, it does not get hot. It does get a bit warm, but all the phones get warm whilst charging. Moto G4, get even more hot as compared to Z1. The finger print scanner is also good on Z1, but G4 has the best finger print scanner. Both of them are best phones right now in this range. I've never been happier with purchase of a budget phone. Tell your friends to go for G4 plus or Zuk, updates are also guaranteed on stock android.
  5. Got myself a G4 plus some days back. No magnetic sensor is an issue sometimes, when playing ingress or navigation. However, i am very happy, coz i replaced my S5, that POS used to work like a power point presentation. Also, convinced my friend to buy Zuk Z1, its a very nice phone, and was almost tempted to return my phone and get that one.
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