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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
ΨΨ babloos ΨΨ ΨΨ babloos ΨΨ 05/20/08 Bought GoW. Hassle free trade. Packaging was quite good. Recommended! Gautam Gautam
ΨΨ babloos ΨΨ ΨΨ babloos ΨΨ 05/20/08 Bought GTA, excellent trader, despatched on time and received the game in mint condition. Two thumbs up! Amay Amay
gamesquare gamesquare 05/19/08 good and easy trade doggydogg doggydogg
Amay Amay 05/19/08 immediate transfer of money it was awesome dealing with him highly recommended ΨΨ babloos ΨΨ ΨΨ babloos ΨΨ
insane79 insane79 05/17/08 10/10, He shipped the game even before the money was transferred...the packing was good...Highly recommended cyclops cyclops
sandeepnd sandeepnd 05/17/08 Fast payment and very polite. Happy to deal with him again. Akshay Akshay
sandeepnd sandeepnd 05/17/08 Excellent Buyer. Highly recommended Akshay Akshay
Nightcrawler Nightcrawler 05/16/08 Hassle-free transaction, No-nonsense buyer. Recommended HundredProofSam HundredProofSam
TheDribbler TheDribbler 05/16/08 Pleasure Trading with Dan traded Warhawk for Fifa Street 3 Game is in Great Condition as Promised.Very Smooth Trade. MAK MAK
MAK MAK 05/16/08 Excellent Trader! 10/10 Quick & Fair Deal !! TheDribbler TheDribbler
AtheK AtheK 05/16/08 Another Fine deal Akshay Akshay
MarketTantrik MarketTantrik 05/15/08 Great buyer, very patient and deposited the money without any hassles. Fire Wolf Fire Wolf
Achieved_Nirvana Achieved_Nirvana 05/15/08 Great Seller, Very good at packaging. Prompt despatch. MarketTantrik MarketTantrik
MarketTantrik MarketTantrik 05/15/08 No-hassle buyer. Don't worry about payments at all. Actually included another's item in the package and asked him if he could deliver it. He did that as well. Achieved_Nirvana Achieved_Nirvana
argruid argruid 05/15/08 Very good & honest chap, u can deal with him with ur eyes closed... insane79 insane79
insane79 insane79 05/15/08 Excellent seller ! Sent out the game really quick. And the game was in mint condition! His prices are always reasonable as usual! argruid argruid
Imrahn Imrahn 05/15/08 What do i say read my feedback earlier it stays the same AtheK AtheK
AtheK AtheK 05/15/08 Outstanding? Brilliant? Hell, YES!!!!!!!!! Imrahn Imrahn
MightySkate MightySkate 05/15/08 Excellent seller! Nicest guy to deal with, superfast shipping and great pricing. Thanks! argruid argruid
TheDribbler TheDribbler 05/15/08 Awesome buyer. Quick transfer and a smooth deal. MightySkate MightySkate
MightySkate MightySkate 05/15/08 Excellent Seller !!! 10/10 > Prompt Dispatch + Robust packaging !!! TheDribbler TheDribbler
GamerZ-Cloud Strife GamerZ-Cloud Strife 05/14/08 10/10 very trusted fellow,but less trust on others abdul abdul
Aftrunner Aftrunner 05/14/08 great seller, recommended DarthVader DarthVader
Imrahn Imrahn 05/14/08 Awesome Seller...Very Prompt deliver...The Best seller in GI. 200% RECOMMENDED!! Suhas Suhas
DarthVader DarthVader 05/13/08 Excellent trader! Understanding and quick to dispatch! 10/10 Aftrunner Aftrunner