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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
The Dude The Dude 07/16/08 Good Buyer...Promt reply to PM's aditya aditya
godspeed4476 godspeed4476 07/16/08 Recommended.nice packing quick shipping and response from his part. progamer progamer
godspeed4476 godspeed4476 07/16/08 Very good buyer 10/10 ACIDICBRAT ACIDICBRAT
progamer progamer 07/16/08 nice guy, sent the game on the same day of deal godspeed4476 godspeed4476
The Heretic The Heretic 07/16/08 Very smooth Deal. Recommended Buyer lastAvenger lastAvenger
sandeepnd sandeepnd 07/16/08 Very Quick and Smooth Deal lastAvenger lastAvenger
saberwing saberwing 07/16/08 prompt payment ,great guy to deal with ,highly recommended ΨΨ babloos ΨΨ ΨΨ babloos ΨΨ
gpt gpt 07/15/08 Very Very Nice buyer. Really Very quick payment. Chaztin Chaztin
ΨΨ babloos ΨΨ ΨΨ babloos ΨΨ 07/15/08 Good seller, fast shipping. Even gave in to my bargaining ! Just wish he used punctuation in his PMs ;) saberwing saberwing
zen zen 07/15/08 10/10 highly recommended ACIDICBRAT ACIDICBRAT
tesla tesla 07/15/08 Excellent Buyer...fast payment, highly recommended D33P@K [email protected]
gpt gpt 07/15/08 Great buyer to deal with, prompt payment....Highly recommeded. D33P@K [email protected]
Chaztin Chaztin 07/15/08 Awesome as always. Awesome game , even awesomer packahing .. totally pro like , not even the disc moved frm its place .. took like 5 mins to open it up. totally recommended. gpt gpt
D33P@K [email protected] 07/15/08 Awesome guy. Patient about payment. Game was recieved neatly packed and there was no damage to the box. Totally recommended gpt gpt
sundeep sundeep 07/15/08 nice guy to deal with.Prompt payment.Recommened!!!! progamer progamer
progamer progamer 07/15/08 Great Price.Disc in excellent condition.Immediate Shipping. sundeep sundeep
ACIDICBRAT ACIDICBRAT 07/15/08 prompt delivery evn without accpeting payment 1st...nice dealer godspeed4476 godspeed4476
HundredProofSam HundredProofSam 07/14/08 ^^ Great seller, he even bundled a poster in there for me! Systematic Systematic
ACIDICBRAT ACIDICBRAT 07/14/08 good seller-great price zen zen
D33P@K [email protected] 07/14/08 Excellent person to deal with. tesla tesla
silica silica 07/14/08 excellent...fast to deal...i like that since i deal fast also killzone123 killzone123
sidster sidster 07/14/08 Nice person. good at communicating. will look frward to deal with again. sam_816 sam_816
cass cass 07/13/08 Fast Payment!! Good Communication. One of the best Akshay Akshay
wahi wahi 07/13/08 2nd deal, again completed within hours. gr8 dude.. will stay in touch.. sam_816 sam_816
cass cass 07/13/08 good communicator, transferred funds promptly.now a friend as well. U rock man! sam_816 sam_816