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  1. The Cricket Thread

    What the flying f**k, get them out pls
  2. The Cricket Thread

    Gosh did we get it close...Great win. Hope Jadeja plays instead of Rohit though, he'll contribute with ball & bat both.
  3. Gears of War 4

    Complete on insane mode, it's quite a difficulty bump from hardcore but that much more satisfying.
  4. The Nintendo 3DS thread

    Play Fire Emblem Awakening before anything else. And MK7.
  5. The Nintendo 3DS thread

    It won't effect...cancel Amazon us one.
  6. The Nintendo 3DS thread

    Buy one off AliExpress for 200 bucks or so. Or try your local gaming shop. Ebay used to be great for these. f**k flipkart for removing it.
  7. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Does Google express ship to India? I've seen deals before too but never ordered.
  8. Wrong format & thread. Don't post sale items here.
  9. The Travel Thread

    Double post
  10. The Travel Thread

    Nice pics. I had a query. Is it too chilly to take my kid along or can i?
  11. Happy Diwali!!!

    Happy Deepawali 🎆🎇
  12. The Mobile Phone Thread

    How does the in-display fingerprint sensor work. I mean how does one wake up the screen?
  13. The Mobile Phone Thread

    You won't be disappointed....It's an excellent phone with Vanilla Android and super fast charging. Basically it's what Nexus should have been. I just switched from 3t to iOS and man this phone takes ages to charge.
  14. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    ^ Exactly. I've seen them sign on my behalf in front of me.
  15. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    OTP is for anything above 4k. That doesn't mean anything below 4k is free to be lost in transit, why not have one for all products.