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  1. Yeah bought many times from them.
  2. Play-asia is giving 5% discount on all purchases made via credit card.
  3. Intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran is getting her own limited edition hardware next month. Nintendo announced today it will release the Samus Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL on Sept. 15, the same day Metroid: Samus Returns hits stores. The Samus-inspired New Nintendo 3DS XL will cost $199.99. The package does not include a copy of Metroid: Samus Returns, which sells separately for $39.99.
  4. I'm using Brainwavz as well as Creative myself....He specifically asked under 1k, hence suggested.
  5. Try Creative EP630, much better than Sennheiser ...But beware of fakes.
  6. Nice....New one? From where? I'm thinking of getting into the Ys series as well...Is it a traditional JRPG with turn based combat or action RPG?
  7. I bought a normal pencil this week.
  8. There is hardly any gameplay....I just played for completion sakes.
  9. Yup get Oneplus 3t.
  10. Yeah that wasn't funny at all.
  11. Cool.... I'm just few hrs into the game and troubled by the weapons getting damaged. Does the master sword also sustain damage with use?
  12. Well just unlocking in game items isn't piracy... I don't need the toy, especially not when it's 20$. I've made a bunch of cards at home too, takes like 5 secs.
  13. I'm willing to sell Switch & Zelda if anyone's interested
  14. 9500...bought in Australia by brother. Another 500 for shipping via registered parcel.