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  1. Wolfenstein games are ₹415 each on Indian PSN.
  2. Much appreciated.
  3. Guys is it necessary to register for GST or something to sell at eBay now or can i create a listing and sell like before?
  4. Hope you can recover the moolah.....You can surely locate him with bank details.
  5. How could you transfer 1.5 lakhs just like that over an internet deal ?
  6. Eye number has got nothing do with viewing distance or type of display. At max the viewing distance can cause strain to the eyes.
  7. Wow... so it's 30% off on the new listed price or have they reduced the price already. I purchased for 4499 yesterday and they decreased the price to 3149 on the last payment page. If it comes to 1799 then nothing like it.....Would need an invite though.
  8. For cashback you'll have to purchase stuff more than 250 bucks and before 8th Oct.
  9. ^ It's just like adding Virtual money to your Amazon account using any payment method. Add money using an email gift card for 2k and it'll effectively cost you 1800. If you're using Citi card to add balance then effectively 1600. I keep ordering stuff below 500 and still there are no shipping charges. That and day 1 delivery definitely makes up for 499 bucks spent on Prime.
  10. Just bought the Echo dot and paid via Amazon Pay balance. It'll auto-renew my Prime membership for 1 yr. (which incidentally expires today). Effective price after cashback is 2200...Not a bad deal.
  11. There's still hope, sometimes they deliver on Sunday also. Amazon's definitely better though...My ps4 got delivered the next day.
  12. Regardless of what people here might be telling you, it's near stock android and is an excellent phone.....With our limited phone batteries these days, the dash charging is itself a reason to buy.
  13. Congrats... If not for Touchwiz i would have definitely gotten this.
  14. goat

    To each his own... I'd say MK8 Deluxe is more fun than Zelda and the best iteration of MK.
  15. And then there are kids, this one kid kept saying please, please , please......I mean it might work with your parents but the world doesn't work that way.