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  1. The TV Decision Making thread

    I tested my XBox One X on my friends 43 inch marQ 4K TV. It showed HDR10 is not supported. Is there some setting within the TV that needs to be enabled to get HDR10. HDMI 2.0 playback settings I believe. It would be great if anyone can guide me with these settings. Saw a video on YT for MI TV regarding the same. Also, how is the MI TV 55 PRO for HDR10 gaming & movies?? Need to buy a 4K TV in a couple of days. Prefer to avoid spending 1 to 1.5L if I can get good picture quality with proper HDR at budget prices (under 70K). Anyone here has one of these TVs?
  2. What you bought this week

    One X
  3. The TV Decision Making thread

    I got a quote of 1.02L for the 55 inch model of X8500F at Croma. Also looked at Samsung Q6F55 for 1.28L which in the showroom looked surprisingly better than some of the OLEDs from LG & Sony. Had better picture quality and was brighter ofcourse...boy oh boy...selecting a TV is never easy.
  4. The TV Decision Making thread

    Thanks guys...at the showroom now...howz Sony X75F? Offer ris 84K for the 55incher.
  5. The TV Decision Making thread

    Thank you for the suggestions guys. So which models are you referring to..?Links/prices would help😊
  6. The TV Decision Making thread

    Just ordered Xbox One X to upgrade my Xbox One. Also have a PS4 (not Pro). Looking to upgrade my Sony 46W95 LED to a 55 or 65 inch 4K TV but dont want to spend lakhs...will be missing out on 3D which i love on my Sony. Have lots of 3D blurays. Currently looking at MarQ by Flipkart. One of my friends bought the 43inch 4K tv and i thought it the video quality was damn good for the price. Sound was pretty good too but its not a big deal. Will be using my home theater for sound mostly. Im wondering if i should go for the 65incher @ around 62K or settle for 55inch. Feel 65inch may be too big for my current room, 12X14 ft. Will be moving to a bigger flat in a couple of months though. Are there better brands/options i should be considering at these prices(sub 70K). Please suggest.
  7. The Giveaway Thread

    Thank you so much! First time i won anything in a giveaway...feels awesome :-)
  8. The Giveaway Thread

    Thank you so much. Will message you my address.
  9. The Giveaway Thread

    69 Interstellar Titanfall
  10. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    RDR2 is not an exclusive...
  11. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Flipkart always sucks when it comes to shipping compared to Amazon!
  12. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Steam meaning PC only?
  13. What you bought this week

    ^Bendable figure of Harley Quinn - You sick fk!
  14. Movie Discussion Thread

    The Nun....more like the None....crapfest. Compared to this, the other movies in the series are so much better. Jump scares only....would not recommend this at the cinemas. Visually it's very good. That's it.
  15. Help me select a bookshelf speaker

    No i didn't consider a 2.1 system. I already own the legendary Altec Lansing MX5021. This purchase was purely for playing music in my room mainly through my phone or my Fiio FLAC player. If you are open to a 2.1 system, you may consider the Swanns M50W priced at 20k or Harman Kardon Soundsticks 3 for 12k. If you need one under 10K, there is Swann M10 for abt 7k.