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  1. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Flipkart always sucks when it comes to shipping compared to Amazon!
  2. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Steam meaning PC only?
  3. What you bought this week

    ^Bendable figure of Harley Quinn - You sick fk!
  4. Movie Discussion Thread

    The Nun....more like the None....crapfest. Compared to this, the other movies in the series are so much better. Jump scares only....would not recommend this at the cinemas. Visually it's very good. That's it.
  5. Help me select a bookshelf speaker

    No i didn't consider a 2.1 system. I already own the legendary Altec Lansing MX5021. This purchase was purely for playing music in my room mainly through my phone or my Fiio FLAC player. If you are open to a 2.1 system, you may consider the Swanns M50W priced at 20k or Harman Kardon Soundsticks 3 for 12k. If you need one under 10K, there is Swann M10 for abt 7k.
  6. Help me select a bookshelf speaker

    @Aftrunner I have finally ordered Swans D1080-IVB today after a struggle to decide between the two of them. I went with this model as it shares the same driver as the legendary M200MKIII and has more bass. Also, I tend to listen to Rap/Hip-hop/EDM a lot. Will be delivered by Friday so will definitely post my first impressions. These speakers will need about 72 hrs of burn-in apparently.
  7. Help me select a bookshelf speaker

    Thanks for your suggestion bro but not looking for a passive speaker/receiver setup currently. My requirement is a powered speaker with bluetooth capability.
  8. I'm looking for powered bookshelf speakers that support bluetooth. Budget is around 15K. Can stretch to 20K if its worth it. So far, i have finalized the following, 1. Swans D1080-IVB https://proaudiohome.com/p/swans-d1...imedia-speakers/itemMjc4/?manufacturer_id=16& 2. Swans D1080MKII+ https://proaudiohome.com/p/swans-d1...-remote-control/itemMjgy/?manufacturer_id=16& From my research, i see that the MKII+ come with a remote and have additional input connectivity options like Coax, Optical... which the IVB lacks. But MKII+ apparently has slightly lower bass. Also Edifier is much inferior to Swans according to a close friend/audiophile. Is that so? Do any of you guys in Hyderabad own any of these speakers or Swans speakers in general? Please let me know which one to go for and the reasons for the same. If there are any other brands/models i should consider, please feel free to let me know. I will be placing the order mostly by tomorrow. So please me know at the earliest. Thanks guys.
  9. Movie Discussion Thread

    Yeah watched it yesterday...visually looks stunning. Story is nothing to write home about. But you can watch it once at the cinemas. Time-pass kinda movie.
  10. Desk/Contraption for Logitech G29 gaming wheel

    Ok bro. Will see it live and then decide.. thanks again!
  11. Desk/Contraption for Logitech G29 gaming wheel

    Cool! I understand what you mean...i agree. But considering Ikea opened in our city, i was checking their catalog and found a couple of options below. Do you think one of them would work with my Logitech G29? https://www.ikea.com/in/en/p/-80250250/ https://www.ikea.com/in/en/p/-80250250/ Planning to go tomorrow to check em out...
  12. Desk/Contraption for Logitech G29 gaming wheel

    Wow. Thank you so much for such a detailed and helpful reply Walker. Not sure if i can get all that done by myself...but let me try...Really appreciate your help! :-)
  13. Desk/Contraption for Logitech G29 gaming wheel

    Can you please share the link for this mod?
  14. Need some help in finding a suitable table/thingy to attach the G29 gaming wheel i got recently. Please share links. TIA
  15. What you bought this week

    Got the Wheel! Now if i could get a proper table/setup to attach this thing...please provide your suggestions ppl...