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  1. Yeah, will try play asia or even e-shop.
  2. Any clue where can I find a switch version in India? Amazon shows more than 5K
  3. Wow, the forum is pretty fast now, awesome job dude.
  4. Little Nightmares + Expansion pass worth it for Rs 701/- ?
  5. As usual Ninty comes in and steals the show. Also is everyone considering Devolver Show as taboo or something because no sites even talk about that. It was hilarious
  6. Thanks, that worked
  7. I am trying to share feedback for a deal but it is not letting me. First of all the captcha is a pain in the a*s. Second, even if I copy the deal thread link, it is still saying the topic box is empty. Is there any standard format i have to paste it other than the complete URL?
  8. Day 1, South Park: The Fractured But Whole Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Need For Speed Payback(Yes, I never learn) After Launch, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Assassin’s Creed: Origins Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Middle-earth: Shadow of War Metro was this year or next?
  9. the PS3 one was a remaster?
  10. this is what happens when you don't inject your own guys in the audience
  11. If you are not gonna stop bashing 1X, we might have to put Zodka on suicide watch
  12. Nice! More the merrier
  13. Cool, I'll take this I guess. First one is a beautiful game.
  14. Far better conference than MS but disappointed that none of the games excited me much except Wolfenstein. I hated the first Evil within so will not get this one at launch.
  15. Agree. I was not expecting that at all. Washed off the Bethesda conference disappointment.