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  • IGX: A look back at the inaugural Indian Games Expo 21st November 2015

    From cosplay to tournaments to hands-on with the latest games, here's what went down at inaugural edition of IGX, India's largest consumer games expo.Read More

  • Review: WWE 2K16 21st November 2015

    WWE 2K16 brings back modes that were removed and boasts the largest roster in wrestling game history, but falters in many areas which holds it back from being an amazing game.Read More

  • Review: Anno 2205 19th November 2015

    Judged on its own merits, Anno 2205 is a pretty decent strategy game. It plays well and looks amazing. However, when compared with the rest of the series, it feels like a step back.Read More

  • Dedicated Twitch app comes to PS4 21st October 2015

    Twitch has launched a full-featured PS4 app that lets you tune into any stream on any platform. Read More