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  1. Thank you for being such a lovely Santa 🙏

    1. vipulpradhan


      Prefer to be stealthy, the way it has been past few years. But this time the admins chose to reveal, hehe :P

  2. Received this a few days ago, and I opened it now on Xmas eve. Also got tracking on SMS, there's a box of Ferrero Rocher on the way which should arrive tomorrow Thank you so much for the gifts
  3. Phew!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!! Status changed to "Shipping today" and I'm now able to access the packing slip that's dated 1st Feb, 2021. Thought I'll share FWIW...
  4. Play until 4:10 timestamp... that's our situation right now...
  5. @mohit9206 is my Santa, and he arrived the earliest... Actually, I received the gifts even before this thread was created... Humble apologies to my Santa and to @abhinit90 for posting the picture super-late. Wishing all a very happy new year... 🙂
  6. Yes. Will surely read the book. As for Yakuza, been wanting to get hands-on this series since a long while. Will surely be a good start Again, thank you so much.
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