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  1. LoL! I thought I would be cheeky and go prone to stealth kill it but the damn thing is already aware of your presence to begin with and charges right at you!!
  2. That pesky Stalker at the end of the Boss Fight is so god awfully annoying! Thing just refused to die... uuuf!!
  3. The way those Stalkers hide and peek around obstacles... creepy as f**k!
  4. I know right!! I just completed that level and it was nightmarish
  5. Reached Seattle Day 3 (Abby's campaign). That Boss Fight though... hella intense!
  6. That looks so good! Will be worth the wait...
  7. Pre-ordered it from Steam just now: 979 bucks
  8. Oh well... still definitely looking forward to it. Will have HZD on PC keeping me busy in any case!
  9. The sheer number of flashbacks in this game.. whew!
  10. Yeah I know right! Definitely very hard-bodied
  11. Thank-you for enquiring my friend I Called my MD in the morning and he told me not to panic and since I'm prone to Pharyngitis it's mostly that due to season change. He told me to gargle with salt and warm water (multiple times) and also Betadin (twice a day). He gave me antibiotics and Paracetamol and just in case I get a temperature. I'm better now. Throat feels better. Didn't get fever and the redness in the throat (back region) has decreased. I didn't have to take the biotics but gargled a lot and took steam. I have not gone out at all in the last 2 months. Maintained quarantine strictly. It's easy to get nervous and think that in a time like this one has contracted COVID but seasonal colds and throat problems will always be there.
  12. And today I have a scratchy throat! No fever though. Feeling rather jumpy
  13. Black_Hawk

    Cyberpunk 2077

    I watched this last night on my iPad. Excellent video and gives lots of details regarding the game. The guy clearly says that he was mighty impressed with weapon sounds, graphics, the sheer amount of environmental details packed into such a dense world. The introductory mission branching for each type of character is also very cool! Where he stops having fun is when the game introduces Braindance. That just didn't feel right to him. The implementation and execution of it was a little off and he wished that he doesn't have to deal with those sequences too frequently in the main game when it releases. Guys please give this video a watch. Thanks @Joe Coolfor posting it!
  14. Black_Hawk

    Cyberpunk 2077

    This is what I think it'll eventually come down to, cursor fiddling.
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