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  1. Where else can the government earn its tax revenues? Hardly much is earned from direct income taxes which is pro-poor who make up most of the votes in India. So most of the tax revenues are from indirect means most of which is fuel. As we all know we have a trade deficit and heavy on loans. It is a good time to cut back on the losses. All governments have been doing that for years. Also it is harder to evade indirect taxes. As for black money, it seems hard as the rich and affluent corporates will retaliate such as withdrawing investment, cutting jobs, pay less taxes etc which will hurt economy. India will have a much bigger problem once electric cars will become affordable and reliable. Need to invest a lot in public transportation to combat the traffic which I doubt will happen.
  2. Mysteryman

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Is it just one show? Or part of an event? So far Xbox will have this May 7th show for third parties and a summer show for first parties.
  3. Mysteryman

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Is it own show? Or part of an event? So far Xbox will have this May 7th show for third parties and a summer show for first parties.
  4. A lone trailer? That could means that there is no Sony digital event for at least May.
  5. He seems to be pretty sad. The leaks, the departures and internal management problems must have taken a toll on him. In addition he has to wait for little less than 2 months to reap the fruits of his labor. After TLOU2 comes out, it will be a long time to wait for the next game. Lots of internal issues to be fixed. Before 2-3 teams worked on games, now only Druckmann is running the ND wagon. Read that some of the former ND employees have some concerns with his direction due to his strong SJW views.
  6. Mysteryman

    Titanfall 2

    There are several guides in YouTube. I used them to figure out the locations of collectibles and hard to get trophies.
  7. Welcome to the PS4 club. I am sure that you will have lots of fun with it. I doubt that it is a healthy or secure way to make money from streaming. Since they are young, they are likely used their parent money to buy them and the streaming equipment thinking it is a good investment. Probably less than 1% of them makes good money out of it. The rest will not last long. It’s not just about affordability, it is also a question of value. Collector and special editions do not have additional value compared to a standard edition. They look cool at first but whatever edition you have they will gather dust in your shelf and its value won’t increase in time. In the US, they have loads and loads of stuff not just in gaming because they have more purchasing power. Americans are spenders and Indians are savers.
  8. Can you elaborate on basic and cheap necessities in the US? If you are talking about food and fuel, that would be it. Even many Americans can not afford living in a city (or a good part of it) now. Of course electronics are cheaper in the US because manufacturers knows how to price their products and their target market is middle class which forms a large chunk of the US population. However this is not to say that blue collar jobs like Walmart workers can buy new iPhones and consoles just because they can cover the cost. This is an unsustainable financial model. The America from the 70s and 80s doesn’t exist now. Talk is easy how studying in a decent US college can land you good jobs. It doesn’t work that easily these days unless you have a strong network, talent or part of the STEM fields. The maths looks simple but in reality it isn’t.
  9. CORRECTION: For 6k per month, it’s relatively a good standard of living for family of 4. This is the target audience.
  10. Even without family obligations, gaming is considered expensive for the blue collar employees in US even though it is only fraction of the salaries. You have to consider taxes, rent, medical costs, labor costs which are much higher in the US. They barely make much to save for luxuries. So you cannot assume or compare the quality of livelihoods based on salary alone. A fun fact. As for McDonald’s and any American chain store, the pricing strategy is different here. The food is actually more expensive in India (even with cheaper local produce, labor and lower taxes) than in the US as their target audience is the upper middle class mostly in cities.
  11. Seriously? Have you tried what it’s like to live in the US with a $12000 or even $40000 income? After deducting taxes, food, rent, fuel, insurance etc you have nothing left. Even worse if you are sole bread earner in a family. The cost of medicine/treatment and labor is prohibitively expensive there. In my opinion, the Indian engineer is actually richer considering the lower cost of living and no taxes in that income slab. It is wrong to assume that every American can afford the launch games let alone going to those fancy colleges.
  12. Yeah, it’s obvious that Gamepass Ultimate offers more value than PS plus. Gamepass has MS games (which should grow by XSX gen) and some indie games on day one. That grabs more audience. Sony doesn’t have a subscription service that include new AAA and indie games yet. Meaning that they have to wait for months to become affordable. And there is no guarantee that they will come to PS Plus later.
  13. Hitman the complete first season Free https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP0082-CUSA02369_00-FULLEXPERIENCE00?state=returning&error=login_required&error_code=4165&error_description=User+is+not+authenticated&no_captcha=false
  14. 100GB minimum and 2 discs https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.gamesradar.com/amp/the-last-of-us-2-file-size-confirms-itll-be-the-largest-ps4-exclusive-yet/
  15. Yeah 2 years without a major showcase indicates smugness. Not sure if Sony cares about Series X power when it has its successful exclusives. It may repeat the Pro like model next gen too.
  16. Yeah the tweet seems to imply third parties games only. So probably no Halo or Fable.
  17. Obviously. I can see that. Of course I would be banned in Era for that. Some feminists want a woman only protagonist in AC but didn’t get banned. Lol. BTW I care about female representation or Person of color in games but it is no way to do that. History should not be distorted to befit that agenda like in BFV. In these days, it is practically a law that there must be balanced amount of diverse people - women, color. Even POC taking traditional white roles. You can offend white men only. You can see them in Netflix movies.
  18. The female protagonist looks bad. Hope it’s just the statue. Now these days you need a male and female version in all games even in history.
  19. Better not be another indie show.
  20. 3 weeks delay. Also Sony delays GOT just to accommodate it.
  21. If any of you work for Sony or ND, you would take the maximum potential.
  22. The lethality of the corona is much lower than the Black Death percentage wise. Furthermore there is better communication and health technology now than in those times so more people aware of the prevention measures and recovered from the virus. In every country there are always going to be few bad eggs.
  23. You don’t want to know. Major story leaks.
  24. https://www.gamesradar.com/uk/gamesradar-presents-future-games-show-announcement-e3-2020/
  25. You have to sign contract for a fixed period of time for those “free” games. So there are legal reasons why you cannot get past PS Plus games. wonder why they call them free when you have to pay a subscription.
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