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  1. Impending renewed disappointment reactions with most games moving to 2023.
  2. Modern warfare 3 vibes.
  3. The western videogame industry is in shambles. First Bethesda, then Activision Blizzard and now Ubisoft. All of them have not released a mega hit for years and having development issues for years. Same goes for other western studios like Warner Bros and Microsoft.
  4. The COD announcements are usually made in March/April. Apparently there were development issues with Vanguard hence delayed to August.
  5. Might get ban reduced or cancelled after BLM/Left protests with the usual white oppression.
  6. For mx2games, right? They are scalpers (imported or rare items) but have some good deals on new games.
  7. It seems unclear on the nature of the remake. Remedy is only in the concept development stage so we don’t know if it is a 1:1 remake or a remake like RE2. If it is the latter, then some cuts will be made.
  8. Phil is just unlucky except he has Satya’s money and expertise at legal stuff.
  9. Not an April 1st joke. No fan would work that hard just for a joke. Beside it is an old video released five years ago.
  10. Should have bought the whole company so he can shut it down.
  11. Just noticed that they are combining MP 1 and 2 in one game. Expect a lot to be cut.
  12. Good news but I hope that such announcement of games being 4-6 years from completion don’t become the norm.
  13. Probably nerf those assets. If so, it is the closest we can get to Dino Crisis. Dinosaurs FTW.
  14. Look like a majority of PS studios don’t use UE5.
  15. Of course TR will look better in UE5 but will they bring sexy Lara back? Yes, and better. Having their own individual game engines significant increase development times and problems (for eg Slipspace and Frostbite engine) so best to have UE5.
  16. Don’t know why Will Smith still love his family (especially his wife) despite the latter destroying his life and career. Divorcing her would have been the best decision in Will’s life. Jada is way too toxic.
  17. There is an endless stream of sexism and harassment cases in the creative industry. CoVid is not the only problem. Employee satisfaction/turnover seems to be a bigger crisis than COVid.
  18. Even with a big budget, he no longer wants to direct/develop games anymore which he reiterate multiple times. He will give that budget to someone one/mentee.
  19. As expected, they only have one major game - Starfield this year. Sales will pick up then.
  20. Even with CoVid gone, Playstation is not going to invest big in physical events to promote upcoming games. Moving on to digital streams like random SOPs and a showcase once a year. They do take part in third party events like the Game Awards but it is rare. Maybe a small kiosk/space in some events like GDC to reveal/promote a hardware. Of course they will still market games heavily, just that the strategy has changed. More like they will market a first party game heavily on or just before release.
  21. Further evidence that Sony won’t have physical events to showcase games anymore.
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