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  1. 0verlord


    Physical movement especially dash
  2. 0verlord


    Started this a few days ago but finding it more irritating than enjoyable any tips for making it “click”?
  3. Stop talking about both rad and trigger They can/should speak for themselves
  4. the above 2 I meant, 8hrs apart
  5. Sekiro is no joke, I smashed that L1 deflect button very hard it was a good decision to use DS4 for Sekiro and not dualsense, which I feel is quite delicate
  6. but today is 16th Sept, one day after delisting day. I can still play is this 15th sept, 15th sept 12 midnight for the western-most corner of the planet?
  7. Forza M 7 was supposed to be delisted on 15th Sept and leaving GP on 13th sept why can I still play it?
  8. *Here, I meant best tits = best dualsense implementation 😅
  9. I played Sekiro with DS4 to spare dualsense the abuse and then shifted to Returnal and dualsense this week and it is the best tits of gaming. The haptics are so responsive, it’s off the charts I had completely forgotten the majesty of dualsense while Sekiro
  10. it’s not a double post coz there’s only 1 post afaics your last 2 posts are 8 hours apart what u hiding?
  11. holy sh*t!!! I legit thought that 1st shot was from Ragnarok but it’s actually from 2018 🤣 If you bring a bunch of random images from both games, I bet you won’t be able to tell which shot is from which game 😂
  12. Don’t discourage or ridicule mods. They play a voluntary big role in keeping the forum as clean as possible without any monetary compensation, afaik. We should thank them 🍻
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